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Contour Line Drawing of Shoe / Shoes ~ 1st / 2nd grades, 3rd - 5th grades, & Sp. Ed. / Sp. Needs

March 30, 2020

The supplies you will need today for this project is: paper and a drawing medium (something that you can make a mark with on your art) such a a regular pencil, pen, marker, and more. Your choice; choose one. This contour line drawing will go into different paths depending on your grade, regular education or special education / special needs. All the paths your shoes will take will be shown below. 

What kind of shoes do you wear? Perhaps you own tennis shoes, sandles, boots, slippers, and perhaps shoes for when you are going to somewhere nice. Maybe you have soccer, swim or ballet shoes? Designers created them for many different occasions and functions. Did you know designing shoes is an art profession / an art job? Some clothing designers will design an outfit and design a purse, belt , or shoes to go with it.  One desgn team, Dolce and Gabbana designed a shoe "inspired by pottery from  Caltagirone (Sicily), an ornate wedge (a shoe from thieir spring / summer 2014 collection).  If you go online, and type in "Dolce & Cabbana, spring collection shoes 2014", you will see some creative and fun shoes.   A project on shoes may be done different ways; this is a simple one class period project.  For third, fourth, and fifth grades: you may draw one of your shoes in a contour line drawing. Here is how to begin: get paper of any kind and a drawing medium (pencil, marker, crayon, whatever you have). Tennis shoes / sneakers are really good for this project. You may take one off your foot or go to closet and get one and set shoe up on a table. Since we are only drawing line (vertical, horizontal, diagonal, wavy, zizgag, straight, or broken line - you may do "articise" (art exercise with your arms to practice line).  Lots of ways to do this, but I recomend drawing the outside line first then fill in main lines inside shoes only, such as the opening of the shoes and the lacings.  Since this is a contour line drawing, don't color all over the shoe! Line only. That's why this is a faster art project!  If you wish to, and have space you may draw other shoes you have, or with permission a siblings, or adult shoe! And if you wish you may design your own shoe. Where would you wear it. What "inspired" you to create your shoe? Where would you wear it? Imagination can let you create anything!  First and Second Grades:  Begin with "articise" (move you arms vertical, then horizontal, then diagonal, then draw a soft wavy line with one hand in air like flowing water, then with one hand draw sharp curves like mountains). Next I recommend going to your closet and get a simple shoe, such as a sandle if you have one, but you may use any shoe you own. Then place shoe on floor (without your foot inside shoe) and look down at shoe (perspective is from where your eyes are looking - you are looking down at the shoe. You will need a piece of paper and a drawing medium, such as pencil, marker, or crayon (whatever you have at home). Begin by laying one shoe / sandle on your paper. Trace (draw) around the shoe. Remember this a a contour line drawing so you won't be coloring inside the shoe. You may draw the important lines inside the shoe, such as the strap that goes across the sandle that holds it to your foot. Draw main lines only. If you wish, and you have space on your paper, you may trace the shoe more times. If you wish you may draw your sandle with different types of straps on it - you may pretend to add fun things on top your strap, such as drawing the outside like of a flower, a butterfly, an oval or round gem (think shapes), a star, or anything you wish. You are the designer for these extra shoes! Where would you wear it? If you are flying to the moon in one of the shoes it may need wings! It is fun to use our imagination. With imagination you can go anywhere in your shoes!  Special Education / Special Needs: Shoes are cool! Shoes can keep your feet warm! Shoes protect your feet. What kind of shoes do you have; sneakers, boots, sandles, dress shoes? What kind do other people in your home wear? With their permission can you see what different sizes they may be? Line them up from big to small. Are there different kinds, such as work shoes, military boots, or high heels? For this project you will need paper, and art medium, such a pencil, marker, or crayon (whatever you have). With adult permission and supervision you may trace around these shoes (Contour Outside Line). Before you trace the shoe, look and see where it is straight or where there are curves on these shoes. You may overlap shoes on your paper with a different color if you wish. With parent permission, you may "try on" these shoes. Are they too big, too small, or "juuust" right? Where would you wear them? Your imagination can take you anywhere!