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How To Use Scissors ~ Tips for Regular Ed. (Lefties Too), Special Ed. & Special Needs

April 3, 2020

There are many ways to hold and cut with scissors; this is one way that works extremely well. To hold the scissors, put the smaller hole in handle with your thumb in it; your two fingers next to your thumb (or 3 fingers if needed in large scissors) go into the bigger hole in handle of scissors. When cutting, your full tumb nail is seen pointed up towards ceiling (more difficult if you turn thumb in). Generally easier if you turn your paper as you cut, then if you keep turning your scissors.  However, if your are cutting material to sew, then keep material on the table . Still hold scissors by keeping full thumb nail up, turning your body and the scissors as you move around the table where your are cutting the material.   Note: For adults and kids who are left handed, there are scissors made specifically for children and adults that may be purchased through art companies Dick Blick Art and Nasco Art Supply Catalogues., and more. These companies are found on the web and help the left hander hold the scissors more comfortabley. There may be some stores that sell these locally, but I have not seen them in the store. More tips for left handers: Tilt paper opposite way of right handers, place paper an inch or two highter on the desk, and left handers need to hold thier paper in one spot with their other hand.  Additional Note:  For Special Education / Special Needs, special scissors may also be ordered from art supply companies such as Dick Blick, and more. Such as scissors on a  block (where individuall is able to press down straight with one hand to cut, while paper turned held straight or being turned in other hand), and scissors in which another adult may help an individual hold scissors at same time - I recommend the scissors that have a plastic C shape handle attanched to blades of scissors (not the ones with finger holes).