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Illinois Arts Learning Standards & How Your Student Will Receive Art Participation Assessment Thru Remote Learning

April 14, 2020

Dear Harvard Park Elementary & Lee School Families,

In accordance with the Illinois Arts Learning Standards for Visual Arts, the District #186 Visual Arts educators will provide lessons which address the following standards during remote learning: 

     CREATE: ANCHOR STANDARD 1: (Students will) Generate and conceptualize artistic ideas and work. 

     RESPOND: ANCHOR STANDARD 7: (Students will) Perceive and and analyze artistic work. 

     CONNECT: ANCHOR STANDARD 10: (Students will) Synthesize and relate knowledge and personal        experience to make art. 

On my teacher website since the beginning of our Coronavirus break, I have entered specific lesson plans for each week;  students may then easily view them the lessons the rest of the week.  If you scroll to "Lesson Plan" on upper left corner of my homepage, you may then see what the main lesson plan is for the week. Then if you go back to "Home " page, you will see the news in articles listed in middle of page. Next, you may click onto the lesson of the week. (This main lesson will also have adaptations for special education / special needs).  If you prefer to do a different lesson on the page, then that will also be fine with me ~ your art teacher. Please then take a cell phone photo of the project you made, write title of lesson, plus write about your project to me; if you are unable to send a photo through email that is fine, make sure to write title of project, describe your project to me, and let me know through art talk / vocabulary ( may use art words / vocabulary : line, shapes, pattern...), about what you liked best about your art, what was the hardest part, what it means to you personnally. Make sure when you email me, you include your first and last name, your grade in school including your class teacher's name, and whether you go to Lee School or Harvard Park Elementary.  (If you just moved into our district school - Welcome, and I can't wait to get to know you). You may EMAIL your photo (if you are able to take a picture of project) and written response to me, your teacher - Mrs. Borjon at my email:  joborjo@sps186.org  :) . I will reply to every email I receive. (Please do not mail or drop off your art to your school). I am very excited to see your art through photographs and your personal discriptions of your creative art work.  I miss you all and remember the good old days when we were in the class together doing great things for a total of one hour a week; some classes were one day for one hour, and a few classes were broken up into two periods of a half hour each week. Since we are on remote learning time, the ISBE recommends students split up their time into shorter periods ( such as two periods for twenty minutes each). Your art time on projects needs to add up to approximately 40 minutes a week (unless you are a special education / special needs students then do as you are able, but still be sure to do some and still email you participated). So, however you wish to break up your time doing art at home is fine. You may wish to break it up into two days, or you may wish to spit it up over 4 days. If you wish you may do more projects and spend more time on them, that's great! That is your choice.  In my written teacher assessment record book, I will write down the name of each project you participated and emailed to me, plus their asessment (under recent / new governor rules) from me,  your art teacher.   When you make an art project it goes under the report card category in my record book: Creates.    When you write about your art project you may say what you learned, you may use art vocabulary (such as line, color, shape, space, pattern, movement...), this knowlege then goes under the report card category: Responds.    When you share with me information like how it inspired you, what it means to you, what do you like about your art, what would you fix, and / or why you created it...  then it goes into the report card category: Connects.    It can be as simple as, "What is the coolest thing about your art? Why is that the coolest part? What did this project mean to you personally? What did you learn?   Note: Above this article, there is another article that will greatly help you in writting about your art in the Responds Category that you submit to me, your art teacher. The article is named: "The Fundamentals of Art: Elements and Principals (Vocabulary of Art)."   Otherwise, you may use just this article as a guide in  student writing about their artwork. It's all good - No stress!  The writing a student submits to me may be kept extremely short. It's all good! Art is an expression of self - and they are "art-tastic."  

THANK YOU for your continuing support on your student's arts education. 

~ Mrs. Borjon