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The Art Elements Vocabulary Words Written To Show What They Mean; 3rd, 4th, 5th Grade Project

April 16, 2020

The Fundaments of Art  are the Elements of Art and the Principles of Art Design. Please scroll down to two articles under this one on this page to an article entitled, "The Fundaments of Art: Elements and Principals (Vocabulary of Art)."  You will be writing the vocabulary words in a fun manner to show what the seven elements of art mean (You don't have to do the principles of design today). You may use crayons or markers and list the words down your page

The 7 elements of art are:  Line, Shape, Form, Color, Value, Texture, and Space.  These are like the ingredients or building blocks we use to make our art succssful. 

1.  Each letter in the word, "LINE" may be used in a differentt type of lines.  Maybe the " L " is written in tons of repeated soft wavy lines.  Maybe the " " is written in tons of repeated diagonal lines . Maybe the " "  is written in tons of horizontal lines.  Maybe the " " is written in a wavy line. 

2.  Each letter in the word, "SHAPE" may be used in different types of shapes.  Maybe the " " is all made out of lots of repeated squares.  Maybe the " H  " is made out of lots of repeated triangles.  Maybe the " A " is made out of  geometric shape of repeated rectangles.  Maybe the " " is made out of diamonds ( to make a diamond draw an upside v on top with a v connected at bottom).   Maybe the " " is made out of the organic shape of tiny clouds. 

3.  Each letter in the word, "FORM" wil be made to look like it has mass. Bubble letters are always fun to make - just double wide each line in writting the word "FORM." 

4. Each letter in the word, "COLOR" will be written with a color on the color wheel (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, or violet), please use a different color wheel color for each letter of the word, "COLOR." 

5. Each letter in the word, "VALUE" will be written in the neutal colors of black, grays, tans, and browns (may use white in any of these for a different neutral color combination. (Note that none of these are on the color wheel). Please use a different neutral color for each letter in the word, "VALUE." 

6.  To make the word "TEXTURE" look like it has implied texture, then write each capitol letter of the word, " T E X T U R E " nice and wide / thick, putting lots of space between each letter and then add thin little needs coming out of it to look like a prickly cactus. 

7. We will again use bubble letters to write the next word, but we will fill it in differently than we did earlier. The word is "SPACE" and you will draw the fill in the bubble letters alternating in positive space and negative space. So you will show the inside and outside. to do this first draw the word in bubble letters. Then shade / color the inside of the letter " S  ."  Then  leave the inside of the next letter alone - don't color in your outline of the letterP ."  So you can see we are doing every other letter the opposite.  Next is the letter " " so you need to color it inside your bubble letter.  The next letter is " " so do not color the inside of this letter.  The last bubble letter is " E " and you will need to color the inside of this bubble letter. 

Congratulations! You have now creatively written the ELEMENTS OF ART to show what they mean. They will help you make your art responces and will help you create magnifient art pieces. You rock!