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Do Your Own Thing Project. This Great Time for Art Time with Grandparents, Siblings, and Caretaker

April 20, 2020

Great for all ages, grades, regular education / special education. This project may be used more than once for a participation assessment by using different categories of art or using a category in a different way remembering to use art words.  (Note: this article contains a personal Borjon - "By the Orchard Story)."  Remote Learning time is the perfect opportunity to utilize the art abilities of your loved ones. Does Great Grandparent do nature drawings, calligraphy, quilting, wood whittling? Does Grandparent knit, crochet, do photography? Does you parent paint, make ceramics, create crafts, like to play art games? Does your sibling / siblings like to draw cars, houses, animals, do 1 point perspective, draw cartoons?  It's amazing what we can learn from those we love.  Do you the student, have a special area that you like to explore? That is art-tastic !  

I highly reccommend going to the middle of my home page, or the news page on this website and scroll down to the article entitled: "The Fundamentals of Art:  Elements and Principals (Vocabulary of Art) - IMPORTANT for Response & How to Make Art Work." By using these art words, there are ways of creating your own art work in typical art in rugular art projects, crafts, and art in everyday life using art theory and being able to respond using art words. Plus, by using art talk even in happenings in everyday life, it may then become an opportunity for art creations. If you choose to turn an everday happening into an art project, then it MUST show how it is an art project with art elements and principles art words.  For example, my grandchildren made cupcakes and decorated them with art talk in mind as they decorated the cupcakes, using sprinkles and icing in vanilla and chocolate. They did a variety of techniques. Some with WAVY lines, some had stripe LINE PATTERNS, some used sprinkles to create GEOMETRIC SHAPES, some used BALANCE.   The kids did their version of the "Nailed It" show, and picked which of their cupcakes were their personal favorites and why they were their favorites. This made the art state goals of CREATE, RESPONDS (using art words), and CONNECTS (which cupcake was their personal design favorite and why).  One grandchild entitled her artistic cupcake, "Texan Rose," another entitiled "Fish on the Water,"  and another entitled, "Storm at Sea."  Such fun! They happily created them, and we all happily devoured the artistic cupcakes.