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SIDEWALK CHALK - Fun For Everyone (All Grades / Ages - Regular Education, Special Education & Special Needs)

May 1, 2020

Fun to draw with sidewalk chalk by yourself to express yourself creativly, or with others as a great social  visual arts activity. It becomes a part of a creative life that you may do as an outdoor activity. Fun in the spring, summer, or fall.  Fun on a sunny or a cloudy day (unless it's raining)!  From lines, to shapes, to images, to narrative stories, YOU ARE THE ARTIST EXPRESSING YOURSELF TO YOUR FAMILY  and / or the whole NEIGHBORHOOD. It is always nice to send out kind thoughts during this time. 

You will need for this project: SIDEWALK CHALK.  I suggest you do not wear your favorite clothes as it gets dusty using chalk. Only do this project with parrent permission. Plus wear hat / ballcap to protect you from the sun - with parent permission use sunscreen outside if needed.  Be safe! 

"The Fundamentals of Art: Elements and Principles (Vocabulary of Art)" is an article that you scroll down to in this middle section which shows Mrs. Borjon's lesson plans and other helpful art articles. In this article it explains art words you may include in these sidewalk creations if you wish. Some art words you will see explained there are line, shape, texture, and more!   I also recommend color mixing while you make your great chalk are masterpieces.  A great reference for color mixing is on my lesson plans page - scroll down the blurbs o the left side of page, and you will see "Color Wheel Theory Makes Your Color Mixing Even Prettier!" For example, with your chalk you may mix chalk to make more colors. Such as 2 primary colors = 1 secondary color. So, Red + Yellow = Orange,  Red + Blue = Purple, Blue + Yellow = Green.  Any colors next to each other on the color wheel look pretty when mixed: red is next to orange,  orange is next to yellow,  yellow is next to green,  green is next to blue,  blue is next to purple,  and purple is next to red.

Students:  REAL TEXTURE is a great art word today as you draw on your sidewalk. When you rub the the sidewalk / driveway, you will FEEL the roughness of the cement. As the chalk goes over the cement, you can often HEAR the chalk scrapping over the sidewalk as you draw. TEXTURE IS SOMETHING YOU CAN FEEL AND SEE WITH YOUR EYES.  (This is a great project for special needs students to feel and hear the texture). 

Students: Gor For It !   Have fun expressing yourself with sidewalk chalk.  When you finish your art on your sidewalk / driveway,  don't forget your happy dance to celebrate !  Feel free to dance around your art in the wind.  Have your family dance too, if they are outside with you. Bet they have some great dance moves.   After you are all danced out from your art celebration, then put your chalk away so they are ready for use for next time. Remember to wash your hands, that way you wont get chalk in your eyes and chalky handprints on anything else.   Rain will eventually cleanup everything else.  Lol

Then it is time to ponder and think over your great sidewalk chalk creation.  You may ask yourself some questions, such as:  What was most fun part of creating art with chalk today?  What was something you learned? What did this mean to you today?

You are  CHALK - TASTIC  today!  Everyone in community as they drive by your art will be smiling; thankyou for sharing your creative self.