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Combine Features of Different ANIMALS To Create A New Species (Regular Education: 2nd & 3rd Grades / 4th & 5th Grades)

May 13, 2020

Great project for imagination and creativity. Students may use whatever medium they wish, such as pencils, pens, crayons, playdo, and more! It is up to you; your choice.  I have even had a student create theirs out of COOKIE DOUGH !  It was brilliant and yummy!  Your art project may be 2 Dimensional or it may be 3-D.  Two lesson plans:

2nd & 3rd Grades: Pick features from 2 different animals, reptiles, insects, or birds, ... (your choice) and combine to create a new species.   Example: a trunk from an elephant, and a neck and body from a giraffe. You are welcome to do more than 2 if you wish!  All up to you. 

4th & 5th Grades: Pick feature from 3 different animals, reptiles, insects, or birds, ... (your choice) and combine to create a new species.   Example: a wings from a butterfly, the mouth from a crocodile, and the  body of a rhino.  Your are welcome to do more than 3 if you wish!  All up to you. 

All Grades:  Think about where this new species might live: land, sky, or water?  What would they eat? Are they living in your backyard, somewhere on planet Earth, or somewhere else? Did you give them a habitat on your art paper?  :)

After you have finished, clean up, then take a little time to ponder on your art. Ask yourself some questions for the response and connections state goals categories. Some questions may be: What was the coolest part? What is one thing that you learned? What do you feel about your new species?

You are art-tastic and your new species is art-rageous! Way to go and enjoy new species through your imagination.