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Creative Exploration PAINTING (brush/sponge/or tissue...) WITH TEA ~All Grades - Reg. Ed., Special Ed,, & Special Needs

May 20, 2020

Throughout the ages, creative use of natural materials were used and explored. Cave art was painted / scrapped / blown on with materials that were available. In parts of Aftrica, bark is boiled for a long time to make black medium to print onto material for clothes. Famous artists of the Renaissance made their own paints. Even now when you walk into a store that sells fine art mediums, you will notice different colors cost different amounts of money due to what was used to make that particular color. During this time of remote learning, it is the perfect time to see WHAT YOU MAY HAVE AT HOME to paint with. TEA is something you may have in your kitchen cabinet!  Please make tea with parent supervision. 

If you google, "How to Paint With Tea," (eHow) this is what I found: "Put a tea bag in a cup and pour hot water over so that it covers the tea bag. This releases the pigmet into the water to make a darker paint. Squeeze the tea bag and pour a small amount of the tea water into a section of your palatte."   MUST HAVE PARENT SUPERVISION IN POURING & MAKING TEA ! 

You will want at least 2 values (value is the scale of light to dark) of the tea: one dark and one light. If you are able to mix a medium value I would advise that too. This may be easiet if you use 3 cups (may be disposable cups). You will also need a piece of paper and a paint brush (if you don't have a paint brush, you may wrap a tissue around you finger and explore with that or sponge, or whatever else you may have at home). 

Note for the visually impaired / blind students: They may not only enjoy the smell of tea, but I would reccomend they add the tea itsself from the bag for texture that they may feel to the watery mixture in cup. The grainy texture may be less in some places painted and chunky in other places. Such fun! 

The Project After You Have Your Materials Out & Your Tea Medium Made: Have fun painting with tea. This may be abstract or realsitic.  Go For it ! 

After you have finished, and cleaned up - enjoy a cup with your adult family member and ponder over what  you have created with tea. What was the coolest part? Or should we say the "hottest " part, since you made hot tea? LOL.  What was one thing you learned? What made you choose the realistic image / or abstract image you created?  Do you like to drink tea?  Do you like to paint with tea? What else might be fun to paint with?  

Enjoy your cup of tea (with parent supervision), enjoy your art, and enjoy your day. You are art-tastic!