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Photography Tip #3; "Frame" The TOP And One SIDE of Photo With Leaves / Tree Bark (3rd, 4th, 5th Grades, & Higher)

May 21, 2020

 For a Pleasing Outdoor Photo, one route to a successful picture (photography, drawing, painting too) is to show leaves / branches on the top or on one side of the photo. You may also show the bark of the tree one one side with the branches / leaves on top; try to show only a portion of the width of tree (bark on the tree). 

Student may use a regular camera, cell phone camera, or the student may draw / paint an outdoor picture "framed' with tree bark, branches, and leaves instead.

With PARENT PERMISSION you may go outside and take photos (or draw / paint.) Take a bunch of pictures if you are able. Some with just the leaves and branches on both the side and the top. Then try some with the wood / bark of the tree growing up the side, and branches / leaves on top.  

When you have finished, look closely at  your art. Do you think the leaves, branches, and the bark of the tree make you outdoor picture more pleasing? Did it draw you art eye into your work by framing the top and the side of your photo? Which were your favorite photos? Why do you think that is? 

Then lets take time to ponder some more response and connections questions. What was the coolest part of the project? What was one thing that you learned! Do you have any personal connections to the location where you took your photos? 

As a student, you are an amateur photographer. A professional photographer is a paid photographer who does this for a living - it is an art job. There are lots of different types of professional photographers. Can you think of some? Some are photographers who photo designer clothes on models as they stut down the cat walk. Some are photoghraphers who photo the news for magazines, newspapers, and television. Some photographers photo goods to be sold commercially such as cans of food, appliances, furniture, and more. Photography also makes a fun hobby - as your teacher, Mrs. Borjon, I have many fond memories of developing film and enlarging negatives with an enlarger we had in our basement. What I personally enjoy about my cell phone camera is that it is close at hand to me, and I can easily photo special moments. Having basic knowlege of photography tips, helps my everyday cell phone pictures turn out more pleasing. This basic knowledge is great for everyone, even in everyday life. Have fun with your personal photography!  You are photo-tastic.