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Photography Tip #4; Person Leaning On The Side of A Tree At The Edge of The Photo - 4th & 5th Grades (And More)

May 22, 2020

This is an easy outdoor photo of a person that is generally very successful. You may use a regular camera or a cell phone camera (or you may draw this instead).  Have a child or adult pose for you leaning on the side of a tree. You may "FRAME" the picture with the tree bark on one SIDE, and branches / leaves on TOP of the photo. 

Try several pictures using this technique at different distances. Have the person up close and click the picture just under the shoulders, then a 3/4 shot of person from the thighs up, and then a full person shot. 

Have the person try different poses, such as arms folded as they learn against the tree, or one arm across their tummy and one arm up with fingers making the "I am thinking" pose, or full length with one leg slightly out....and more! The poses are endless! 

Try different sides of the face (called profiles), 3/4 face, and full face looking at you. Try different facial expressions and emotions. 

Try props if you want, such as holding a basketball, or holding a kitten, or the dog at your feet. 

After you have finished, take some time to ponder over the pictures. Did "framing" the pictures with the tree up the side of the photo, and the branches and leaves on top make the photo pleasing to look at? Was this a "tip" that you may want to do again? What was the coolest thing about this project? What was one thing you learned? What connects you to this picture (a favorite tree, the prop, the person in photograph)?  

You are photo-tastic! Be sure to thank your model / the one who posed for your picture. They are photogenic! You rock as a team!  Your tree is pretty great too; thank it for the oxygen it brings and for making this photography tip possible.