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End of School Year Selfie / "Pat on The Back" / Job Well Done (Everyone!)

May 26, 2020

What does your smile look like at the end of the school year? So proud of you. With a regular camera, self phone camera, or drawing ~ Photograph or draw yourself (or someone may take a picture of  you) to mark this special occasion  - YOU.  You are special, and we want to celebrate the person you are, and acknowledge all the hard work you did this school year at school and through remote learning. The Coronavius has made this year one that will go down in the history books. It is a heartbreaking time for many, a difficult time for most, that brings out hopefully the best in everyone. The arts are a way to express itsself during the good and the difficult times. History will show how it affected people around the world, not only in statistics, but through the expression of the fine arts (visual art, dance, music, & drama).

When you think of yourself as the student, who has now sucessfully completed the school year, how do you "see" yourself during this time? Do you picture yourself with a computer, or in other ways? Do you see masks in a new way now; as keeping you and others safe?  So as you give yourself this "pat on the back" for a job well done, how do you picture it in your head? Express yourself with art in your selfie, drawing, or painting. Show YOU.

Be Safe, have a great summer, and remember to take the time to do some art this summer. Some ideas might be: draw under a tree, look at something up close and draw it big, play some art games, and more!  Be art-rageous; you are art-tastic.