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How to Draw Clothes On Your Balloon Kid, Double Wide Stick Kid, or Other Styles of Drawing People; For All Grades

April 1, 2020

Your choice of art medium to do this project (art medium is some thing that you use to make your mark with on your art) such as a regular pencil, or other mediuums.

What are some clothes you particularly like? What are some activities that you need different types of  shoes, hats, clothing? What about when you play outside, when you sleep, when you go to school, when you go play a sport with a team, when you go to a wedding? How does clothes change for you depending on the season? What do people in other countries around the world wear; what are some cultural clothing around the world? What clothing does you parent's generation have saved in their closet? What about your grandparents closet? What about your Great Grandparents closet? Clothes through the generations show who they were as a culture, what was happening in the world, their country and their home, materials available at the time, their purpose for what the activites and ocassion they were worn, seasonal changes and climate, and for the creativity of whoever designed them.  Do you have any favorite Fashion Designers of clothing, purses, shoes?  I have a few favorites, though I may never be able to afford them, I can always draw them or I can create new ones of my own. I am thankful to fashion designer CoCo Chanel who made it ok for women to wear slacks and loosened the tight waist on women so women could be comfortable. Some of my favorite fashion designers are Pucci and Capucci. Emilio Pucci, an Italian, a courageous pilot from WW II, and also designed the logo for NASA's Apollo 15 mission, took inspiration from other cultures and designed very colorful flowing clothes. Roberto Capucci, an Italian who constructed art like a building and was inspired by art surrealist paintings and cubist art (these fashion designers may be looked up on the web.)  Did you know that a Fashion Designer is an art profession / art job?    You are the artist / designer for your Balloon Kid, Double Wide Stick Kid, Another Style of Drawing A Person, or your own Personal Syle. Before you begin drawing clothing on your kid, think of the activity they are doing. Do they need something on head, hands and feet? What accessories do they need? Do they need a belt, jewelry, particular type of shoes? Imagine in your mind. Perhaps your person needs something new in fashion never seen before. So lets begin. Lots of ways to begin, but for now we will begin at the neck. Is it a Vneck, a scoop neck like a U ? Is it ruffly like a wavy line ( ~ ) ,  or like a zigzag line  ( W ) ?  You may erase any body line that shows under the clothes.  Is it strapless, or thin strap, short sleeve, or long sleever. The line will go on the body line, just cut across body if need to for strap or sleeve. If you want for fashion you may have a poofy sleeve or other style you wish.  Do you want your person wearing a dress, pants, shorts, or top in your activity? Remember to stop at waist for top, and begin at waist for shorts or slacks. The shorts or slacks do not start at the thighs, bring up to waist on you drawing! That is a common mistake for young artists that can be easy to fix. Erase all inside body lines. If you don't have an eraser that's ok, it can be colored over later. Are you making shorts or slacks? Put the line across to show where material ends. Remember line goes on body, unless flaring out for a reason such as in bell bottom pants. If skirt then make sure that if one leg up walking the skirt line will still flow around both legs. Remember then to erase all body lines inside where you clothes.  Think material, is it soft or full of texture (texture is something you can feel, and see with your eyes.) Think pattern. Are your wearing stripes, plaid, flowers all over? Think color. What are the other details? Do you have pockets, buttons, a belt, embroidery, fringe? Is there something on the head? Are your wearing boots, tennis shoes, sandles, slippers, or other footwear?  Have fun designing!     Note: There will be more articles that can be used with this lesson. Such as, "How To Draw Hair, Ears, and Facial Features."