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An Art Therapy Technique For EVERYONE Using Your Sense of Smell :>) ~ Includes YOUR DOODLE ART

May 8, 2020

These are stressful times and you ALL deserve some comforting "bliss."  Bliss is your state of happiness. To help us achieve that, we need a calm work area with a soothing smell. An art therapist (an art occupation / job) may put a drop of scented oil onto your table or work space. If you have some vanilla extract in your kitchen cupboard, with your parent permission, you may put a drop onto your laminate table and rub it in good (so it doesn't stain your art). In the "good old days," it was often used as a perfume that was dabbed behind the ears, or a little on the inner wrist (your art teacher's own mom and grandmother use to do this - but don't have it touch your clothes). I still use vanilla after I have chopped up onions, because even though I washed my hands - I can still smell the onion slightly.  So I go to the kitchen cupboard, put a drop of vanilla on my finger tips, and am instantly soothed. Vanilla still makes for an inexpensive scent that is very calm and soothing. Or if you prefer another aroma, you may put some of your own perfume or cologne on your table top (with parent permission). 

Now that we are feeling more relaxed, we may show our "bliss" in the way we like to doodle in our art. So you may use a piece of paper and whatever drawing medium you like and have at home (pencil, pens, or whatever else you have).  Wiipedia states, " A doodle is a drawing made while a person's attention is otherwise occupied." It also states, "Doodling can be used as a stress relieving technique...Doodling is often incorporated into art therapy, allowing its user to slow down, focus and de-stress. It is noteabale that most people who doodle often remake the same type of doodle throughout their lifetime. Some famous doodlers were presidents Thomas Jefferson, Ronald Reagan, and Bill Clinton (doodled during meetings). Mathmatician Stanilsaw Ulam, famous physician and poet John Keats, Nobel literate Sylvia Plath, Alexander Pushkin's famous notebooks of his friends pictured in his margins, and the famous doodles and drawing found in notebooks of Leonardo da Vinci."  So If you doodle, you are with some very famous company!  As your art teacher - Mrs. Borjon, I remember first doodling in third grade when I was learning how to write in cursive. I found an old art book at home on calligraphy. Thereafter, my doodles all became about writting the alphabet in different fancy styles all over the edges of my papers, in 7th grade I began doodling people, and now I doodle shaded lines.   What do you doodle? Has you doodles changed over time?  What eases your mind and soothes you with bllissful happiness? 

So with your soothing aroma (kitchen vanilla, perfume, or cologn) on your work space and your paper and drawing medium (what you use to make your mark on your drawing - such as a pencil or pen) in front of you. YOU ARE READY TO BEGIN!  Doodle Away! Have fun and relax, let your mind be bliss and go where it wants with your art on your paper. Note: this is probably the only project you can really do well even if watching tv! 

Now that your doodle is finished, lets ponder and think about it for a moment. Why do you doodle the images on your paper? Do you feel more relaxed / did you find your bliss? What is one thing you learned?  What was the coolest thing about this project?   

After you clean up your materials, shake our your arms and shoulders and you can do your slow, relaxed doodle noodle dance. 

Show your family your doodles. What do they doodle and why? Have them show you some of their doodles if they wish. I bet they have some great moves in a slow doodle noodle dance too. Just relax your muscles and dance.