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MUSICAL LINES ~ Listen & Feel Different Music And Respond With Line Drawn, (All Grades / Reg. Ed., Sp. Ed, Sp. Needs)

May 11, 2020

With Parent Supervision / Permission student may jump from radio channel to radio channel (or may use your own recorded music) finding songs of different styles, tempos, and emotions. Students will listen to different beats and instruments, and listening close as notes go up and down the scales. They will react to what they hear and feel, by drawing lines across the paper going up and down, whether in soft curves such as wavy lines or sharp curves such as zig zag lines. Other types of lines may be used too - such as vertical, horizontal, diagonal, and broken line. Have fun with this - there is no right or wrong, it is how the music makes you feel as you go song to song. Any drawing medium you wish to use is fine. You may feel the most comfortable using pencil and paper. 

Music, Visual Art, Dance, and Dramatic Arts are all FINE ARTS.  They are able to communicate in ways words are not able. This project will give students a way to visually express what they feel on paper about the the music that they hear and feel.

Note For Special Education / Special Needs: Enjoy hearning the different music and responding on paper. It is fine if they don't color in rows of lines - they may color all over or however they wish; abstract is great! (Visually Impaired Students/ Blind Students my put a texture paper or box under their paper before they draw, so they may "feel it" as they draw). 


1.  Have your paper and pencil (or other medium) in front of you.

2.  If you wish, you may write name of song or what kind of song you are listening to as you begin drawing lines to the music going from left to right on your paper,  just like you would if you were writting a story or reading a book. By writting the name of song or type of music, at the end you can look back and see which lines went with country, bluegrass, classical, hip hop, or rock...).  You may do as many songs as your paper will hold! Have fun and remember that it's all good. As you do your lines, you may think is the music going up and down in the scale. Is it soft, or dramatic? As you draw, you may react by drawing lines dark as you press harder against your paper, or light as you barely touch the paper.  Are there big jumps to notes, or just little one? Is there a strong beat, or is it very soft. Is the music sliding diagonally up on down in a scale?  Is the song happy or sad? Just feel the emotion and react to it with lines in your art. 

3. Now that you are finished with your actual project, ask yourself some questions. Some questions may be: What did I enjoy most about this project? Which song did I react to most with the lines I drew from hearing it. Which song was my favorite, and why was this song my favorite. If I was a musician, which insturment would I want to play? If I was a singer, what kind of music would I play and sing? If I was going to design my album cover (a visual art job) for my own songs, what would it look like?