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Photography Tip #1; Look For Opportune Moments ~ After The Storm Rainbow (All Grades, Regular Education & Sp.Education)

May 15, 2020

You may use a cell phone or camera  - with parent permission.  GREAT FOR RAINY DAYS - LOOK FOR THE SUN TO COME SHINING THROUGH AFTER IT HAS JUST RAINED OR SPRINKLED (or snowed).  KEEP YOUR ARTIST EYE ALERT FOR WHEN THERE IS A BREAK THROUGH IN THE WEATHER.  "A rainbow is a reflection of light in water water droplets taking the form of a multicolored arc. Look for the rainbow caused by sunlight always appear in the section of sky directly OPPOSITE the sun" (Wikipedia). A rainbow may occur any time of year. (Note from your art teacher, Mrs. Borjon: When one of her daughter's were born, on the way to the hospital at dawn, it had just stopped snowing, and with the appearance of the sun, a double rainbow occured in the middle of winter. 

Notice the color order of the rainbow you see.  Roy G. Biv is the color order of the rainbow - each letter shows the name of the color. If double rainbow, the second refracted rainbow is opposite in color order. 

If it is your lucky day and the weather cooperates, plus you were prepared ahead of time with a cell phone or camera, or had with you in a car, or you were sitting near a window at your home working at a table or watching tv - as soon as you see the sun come out after the stormy weather, then with parent permission go out and look for the rainbow with cell phone or camera in your hand take some pictures!  Remember to hold your arms bent next to your body; hold the camera very firm and still - DON'T MOVE  YOUR ARMS AROUND YOURSELF, OR YOUR BODY AROUND WHILE TAKING THE PICURE.

When you are finished, you may ponder and ask yourself some questions, such as: Did the rainbow last long in the sky? Did you notice the color order? Did you keep the picture from becoming blurry by holding yourself still while taking the picture? Did you keep the photograph from becoming blurry, by holding the camera still while taking the picture? What was one thing you learned? Was it exciting to try to catch the rainbow? What did it mean to you personally? Is taking pictures fun?

Photography is a part of life, it may become a hobby, and it may also be a career. Today, you were the photographer.  :)