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This is our basic schedule for activities each week. It may help you choose times to visit the classroom, or give you talking points for conversations about school with your child!

Library Information

Library Day is Each Tuesday!

We visit the library each Tuesday. Please remember to return your child's book by that morning so that he/she can check out a new one.
The children have a chance to pick out a book that they enjoy and many times pick out the same book over and over again. While parents sometime get tired of the book, kids do not! Use the repeated readings to pick out new things to share with your child.
When a book is very familiar, encourage your child to tell YOU the story page by page. You can also read the book and pause for your child to fill in the missing word.

Some great books for your child are:
Brown Bear, Brown Bear, Eric Carle
The Napping House, Audrey Woods
Where's my Teddy, Jez Alborough
Mouse Paint , M. Walsh

Wednesday Folders

Folder day is Wednesday!

Each week your child will bring home a folder that has his/her important papers for the week. Look for newsletters, take home activities, activity reminders, and book orders in this folder. Please read the items and return the folder the next day.