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Newsletter October 1

October 1, 2014

The children are really starting to get the hang of being at school! They are moving through routines throughout the day, getting to know one another, and are showing greater independence in the classroom. If this is your child’s first school experience, you may not realize all of the things we expect children to do on their own at this age. Mrs. Redding and I provide lots of coaching, modeling, and guidance each day with the goal that children will grow in independence. With independence comes self confidence, which enables children to learn the academic skills necessary for later years in school.

Some tasks that we ask the children to do in the classroom include:
o Taking care of their bathroom needs: wipe, flush, and wash up!
o Taking care of their belongings at school: put personal items in the closet, pack/unpack back packs as needed
o Take care of runny noses: wipe nose (with a tissue!) and wash up
o Clean up after themselves: throw away snack trash, clean up toys
o Put on their own coats: we use the flip method (attached)
o Use their WORDS throughout the day to communicate

When coaching the children through these tasks, we encourage them to first TRY to do the job on their own and THEN ask for help. When asking for help, children can use words rather than crying or fussing. It is important that children realize we are available to help coach them through, but these are jobs they can do!

You can encourage independence at home, too. It takes extra time and sometimes children are resistant, but it is very important that these skills are developed.

This week and next we are reading apple stories. This week is Ten Apples Up on Top and next week is The Apple Pie Tree. We are working specifically on color recognition, counting skills, and drawing simple pictures in response to a story.

We hope to see you all at the Fall Festival Thursday evening! Bring your families and enjoy.