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Plotting Volcanoes

Photos 3 days ago Could a volcano appear around where you live?  Plotting volcanoes that have occurred around the world.

Homework 4-8-21

Homework Apr 8 Reading:  Complete your book club reading and discussion questions.  After that, read your 'just right' book and log all of your at home reading. Word study:  Study

Homework 4-7-21

Homework Apr 7 Reading:  Do ALL of your book club work----both your reading and your jotting for discussion tomorrow. Read your 'just right' book.  Log all of your at home readign.

Homework 4-6-21

Homework Apr 6 Reading:  Do your book club reading and writing work.  If you have extra time, read your 'just right' book and log all of your at home reading. Writing:  Your non-f

Comparing Fractions ("B" Day)

Photos Mar 15 Are fractions closer to zero, less than half, exactly half, more than half, slightly less than one whole?

Comparing Fractions A Day

Photos Mar 10 Are fractions close to zero, more than one half, exactly one half, more than one, or really close to 1 and how do you know?

Collaboration with Fractions

Photos Feb 22 Making fractions on our desks and having partners guess our fraction.

Fraction Number Line

Photos Feb 22 Making a fraction number line.

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