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Schedule for 2020-2021 Zoom Meetings

1st Hr: Emery's Lit 234 Tues-Fri 

2nd Hr: Uetz's Lit 334 Tues-Fri

3rd Hr: Prep

4th Hr: Taft's Lit 134 Tues-Fri

5th Hr: Eaton's Lit 434 Tues-Fri

6th Hr: Negele's Lit 334 Tues-Fri

7th Hr: Taft's Lit 134 Tues-Fri

What should I be doing during Remote Learning?

While we are learning from home, you will be earning grades toward graduation credits by completing assigned work from each of your classroom teachers. Zoom class attendance is requiredAttendance is taken every class period, even when you're not in a Zoom meeting.


Student Assignments and Classes: Canvas account (To access Canvas: https://sps186.instructure.com) From Canvas, you might be directed to Google Classroom through a provided link. In Canvas, look for the Zoom button to take you to your classes. If your teacher is using only Canvas, go to the Announcements tab for your work.


Grades: Teachers are posting assignments and grades in Canvas. 

What is an Inclusion teacher?

An Inclusion teacher provides various modifications and accommodations for students with specific educational needs in their regular education classes.

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