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1st hr - Am Govt 405 @9bke98

2nd hr -AP Psych @4b98467

3rd hr - World History 234 @c4b637

4th hr - AP Psych @3bbek

5th hr - AP Psych  @aecafc

6th hr - AP Psych  @c2676gf

Awesome End of Year Project!!!

One option for the End of the Year Projects was to make a psychological parody of a song. Way to go Erin and Maya!

Khan Academy SAT Review

Use the following site to review for the SAT!!!!

1:1 Chromebook carts

Look for updates on how we are using our Chromebooks! 

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What is AP Psychology?

Brief description of AP Psychology with embedded links.  

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Anytime a you experience a term we learned about throughout the year in "real life", you may get 1 pt extra credit (SUMMATIVE).   Fill out an index card with your name, the term, the definition of the term, and how you experienced the term (how they "got psyched").  

Credit will only be given for terms correctly applied and given serious effort.  

Welcome Back Video and Canvas Walk through Aug 31

American Government 405 Aug 31 Welcome back, Senior Senators!!!!  Today marks the first day of your culminating year of high school.  Click on the link above to view a video to walk you through the activities


AP Psychology Aug 31 Good Morning everyone.  Below is a video that is also posted in Canvas.  This is walking you through the beginnings of your first tasks for me.  Look in the announcements in Canvas&n

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