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Everything is on Google Classroom NOW!

Apr 15, 2020 I am NOT updating my school website anymore since I have moved all work to my google classroom.  Everything you need will be linked in that. Please message/email me if you don't have access to your google classroom yet.  Thank you! Google Classroom

I'm working on something new...

Apr 2, 2020 Feel free to continue working on the MANY things I have added on the Blog Homework Calendar  "Purple" Pearson sections of my website.  I will continue to respond on here and I truly hope you particpate in the number talks and stuff but I am working toward some other fun things on a new plateform.  It will be up and running after Spring Break!  

Check out my new Padlet!

Mar 24, 2020 I'll post a fun question each day of the school week.  The link is on the right in the Blurb section on my home page.  Have fun with it and be sure to type your name too!  Or just click HERE! 

At-home learning for the next 2 weeks

Mar 15, 2020 We will start working on Topic 7 in 6th grade math.  Please login to "Purple Pearson" and work through each section IN THIS ORDER: Develop: Visual Learning (Videos and Examples) Math XL (Practice Problems... Remember to get 100%) Lesson Quiz (Do you very best!) If you see a video, please listen carefully and fully to help you understand the next sections. READ MORE

Today's National Celebration

Aug 14, 2017 Click here to find out how today's national celebration was created.  Who created it?  Why is it important? How will you celebrate today?

August 21st: National Spumoni Day!

Jul 4, 2017 Check out the article attached to see why you need to eat this type of icecream TODAY! What makes it National Spumoni Day?

Class Notes on Video

Sep 8, 2015 If you don't finish your class notes in class, you need to finish watching the video and taking notes at home that night. Also, use these videos as a refresher and a study tool to prepare for quizzes and tests coming up! Parents... feel free to reteach yourself using the videos too!

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