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E-Books from Lincoln Library

April 2, 2020

If you are looking to get your hands on some books, please take a look at all of the books that the Lincoln Library offers through Library on the Go (Libby by overdrive). These can be accessed on computers, tablets, or phones. 


Lincoln Library Student eCards

  1. Log onto the Intranet. 

  2. Click “Cumulative Folder.” 

  3. To the left of your picture is your student ID. 
a. Your eCard number is 3260000 and then your 7-digit student ID. 

  4. Use this eCard number to log into the eResources and eDownloads 
available on the Lincoln Library Website. 

  5. Lincoln Library eDownloads

The following resources are just a few downloads you are able to install and log into using your Lincoln Library eCard credentials. How-to guides are available on the Lincoln Library website