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Mrs. Frost's Music Classroom Management Plan

Music Room Management Plan,  Mrs. Frost, Music Teacher

Music class allows for creativity and movement.  Standards of noise that apply to normal classrooms, may not apply in music class at all times.

In order for this creativity to occur, organization and classroom discipline must be a priority.

Every student has the right to a meaningful music experience in the amount of time available and with that right goes the responsibility of cooperating with rules that will help maintain an atmosphere conducive to learning and creating.

Respect Yourself

• Stay on task.

• Listen to instructions.

• Be ready for class.

• Always do your best.

Respect Others

• Raise hand and wait to get permission to speak.

  Be kind with words and actions.

Respect Property

• Put materials away in correct spot.

• Treat materials and property with care.

• Keep all chair legs on the floor.


• Verbal praise

• Recognition

• “Big Hand”award which is a good note to take home

• Classroom rewards for ten “Good Notes”



  • Verbal warning

  • Non-Verbal warning

  • Safe Seat and Think Sheet

  • Buddy Room and phone call home

Severity clause:   Referral form sent with student to office (Level 2-4)

K-5 Music Assignment, Week of May 18-May 22nd

News May 20 This week you have a few options as to what you want to do: 1. Go back to the Musicplayonline.com website and replay a favorite game or learn a new song. https://musicplayonline.com/ 2. Do another BeatBox activity

K-5, Music Assignment, Week of May 11- May 15

News May 12 Beat Box Let's beat box!! 1. Click on the link (https://www.incredibox.com/demo/v4). 2. Once it loads, you will need to click on the play button (the arrow). 3. You will see 7 greyed ou

K-2, Music Lesson, Week of May 4-May 8

News May 5     Starting this week, I am only going t

3rd-5th Grade, Music Lesson, Week of May 4-May 8

News May 5     Starting this week, I am only going t

"Everybody Has a Name" song for my Lee Lifeskill Students

News May 4 This song, written by Rachel Rambach is one that we sometimes sing at Lee School!  https://youtu.be/90EXc27ty7s

K-5th Grade, 2nd Music Assignment, Week of April 27-May 1st

News Apr 29 https://www.google.com/logos/doodles/2017/fischinger/fischinger17.9.html?hl=en Create a piece with this fun Google activity!  Let me know what it sounded like!

3rd-5th Grade, Music Lesson 1, Week of April 27- May 1st

News Apr 27  Use the "Musicplayonline" website to play "Note Name Memory" (Game 4). https://musicplayonline.com/ Remember the notes in the spaces of the music staff spell the word (F-A-C-E)  and the notes on the li

K-2, Music Lesson 1, Week of April 27- May 1st

News Apr 27 Using the "Musicplayonline" website, play the Up and Down Game (Game 9) and let me know what level you get to through Class Dojo or email for credit. https://musicplayonline.com/games/

2nd Music Lesson, Week of April 20-24th, 3rd-5th Grade, K-2nd Grade

News Apr 23 3rd- 5th Grade Students use the Musicplayonline website to play a round of Instrument Bingo (Game 3) by yourself or someone else in your family! https://musicplayonline.com/ K-2nd Grade Students use the Musicplayonline webite to

3rd-5th Grade, Music Lesson 1, Week of April 20-24th

News Apr 21 Use the "Musicplayonline" website to play the "What Instrument Do You Hear Game" (Game 2).  https://musicplayonline.com/games/ Message me on Class Dojo or send me an email to complete assignment. Maybe m

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