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Daily Schedule
Daily Schedule

Daily Schedule

Meet Mrs. Sheraden blurb- Please click here to meet Mrs. Sheraden.
Meet Mrs. Sheraden

Please click here to meet Mrs. Sheraden.

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Regular Education Initiative (R.E.I.)

Services are provided for students with special needs within the regular education classes. Modifications to lessons/instruction are made on an individual basis per IEP specifications.

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My Schedule 2020-2021

AP 8:00-8:30 Room 220

1st 8:34-9:24 Resource room 220

2nd 9:28-10:18 Resource  room 220

3rd 10:22-11:12 History with West Room 223

4th 11:16-12:06 Science with Barnes Room 227

Lunch 12:10-12:42 

5th 12:46-1:36 Math with Weakley in Room 220 

6th 1:40-2:30 PREP

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Falcon 4 Expectations!

1)Be in your seat with all required materials, before the bell rings. 2)Be respectful to yourself and ALL others. 3) Use your time wisely. Sleeping, playing, refusing to do work will not be accepted. 4) Hard work is an expectation and requirement.

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