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Students please use this link to go to CANVAS.   Use your birth month abbreviation with a capital letter, period, the lunch PIN number .  ex  Jan.123456 

  go to [Canvas](https://sps186.instructure.com/)

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Submitting Work using CANVAS app on your phone.

CLICK HERE.    Follow the instructions.   If you have an older phone, then use +  for photo 

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Submitting Work using your Phone

CLICK HERE   Follow the instructions.   If you have an older phone, then use +  for photo 

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Geometry 235 Book

Additional information is located under the RESOURCE link on left side


News 6 days ago Oh, I don't know why but I've always loved the idea of summer and sun and all things hot....


News May 28 Reminder to look at the GRADES tab to see SEMESTER GRADES.   Gradebook does not necessarily reflect the semester grade. Thanks for the engagement these last six weeks.    Enjoy the summer. Stay Safe.  Stay Home.   Stay Strong.  Stay SHS.


News May 26 Wednesday May 27 Grades are due at midnight.   I will post Wednesday late afternoon or evening....


News May 20 Complete and Submit by FRIDAY HIGH NOON   May 22.  Upon completion of work makeup of quizzes can be done...

Zoom Meeting May 20

News May 20 My apologies.  Once I was kicked off Zoom,  the converting of my recording of my Zoom meeting slowed  me...

Grade Book

News May 14 Monitor your Grade Book.   I have entered completed assignments / Quizzes,  participation of CANVAS...


News May 13 CANVAS Conference Call at 10:30  M T for Geo 334 and  W Th F fo Geo 235  ZOOM Meetings every day at 1:30pm. JOIN STAY ENGAGED


News May 13 Wednesday May 13th.  Get off your hump and work on CANVAS to complete the VOLUME UNIT by noon May 22.    Makeup TRIG and AREA Quizzes upon completion of work will be May 21 & 22 by noon.

NO Zoom Meeting May 15th

News May 12 I apologize, but I will not be able to conduct a Zoom Meeting 1:30pm on May 15th. 

Make Up ?

News May 11 Wake UP !   Make up of CANVAS QUIZZES  will be May 21 and 22 noon. They will OPEN and student can email Mrs. Dearing upon completion to have points entered.  Work should be completed for Makeup Quizzes with ONE attempt only.

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