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I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America and to the Republic for which it stands, one nation under God, indivisible, with Liberty, and Justice for ALL.

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Students please use this link to go to CANVAS.   Use your birth month abbreviation with a capital letter, period, the lunch PIN number .  ex  Jan.123456 

  go to [Canvas](https://sps186.instructure.com/)

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Submitting Work using CANVAS app on your phone.

CLICK HERE.    Follow the instructions.   If you have an older phone, then use +  for photo 

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Submitting Work using your Phone

CLICK HERE   Follow the instructions.   If you have an older phone, then use +  for photo 


News 2 days ago We are having Zooms everyday Tuesday through Friday during our scheduled class period....

Awesome First Day

News Aug 31 Zoom on Tuesday.  Have Spiral notebook and writing utensil in tow.   The sprial notebook need to be dedicated to only Geometry and will be collected at end of the quarter.

Monday Aug 31

News Aug 31 Log into District Website.   Go to your cum folder.  Read Mrs. Dearing's website.   Login CANVAS.   Try online textbook.  Spend the day exploring and finding what buttons to push and paths to take.


News Aug 26 Will be taken every day of the week.  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday    Contact either through Zoom or Canvas.

Geometry 334 Books

News Aug 25 Books are online.  Click on the course book on the left side....

We Need to Do OUR part

News Aug 25 Stay Safe         Stay Home         Stay Strong         Stay SHS

Circling Ideas

News Aug 25 My head is spinning.   If Monday and Tuesday are any indication of the traffic on ZOOM, then we may want to consider CANVAS Confernces.   Either way, I have loaded content on CANVAS by means of videos that you can watch at your leisure.    


News Aug 25 Students need a SPIRAL NOTEBOOK dedicated only to Geometry.  Write date, video, notes, illustrations, using PENCIL...

Back to Work

News Aug 24 We are working from HOME.   Read Mrs Dearing's Website and log into CANVAS to watch videos, follow directions to go through Modules and ZOOM starting Tuesday September 1st   Have a SPIRAL NOTEBOOK and writing utensil ready to take notes during videos.

Geometry 235 Books

News Aug 24 Books are online.  Click on the course book on the left side.  Use the following username and passwords. - lunch Pin#,   PW  p12345 If needing a book for first quarter, please call the school and request a Geometry 235 book.  

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