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I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America and to the Republic for which it stands, one nation under God, indivisible, with Liberty, and Justice for ALL.

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Extra Zoom 2:17 - 3:00

If you need extra time with Mrs Dearing, then join the additional Zoom time from 2:17 - 3 pm on Tuesday through Friday to get those questions answered.   Read through the Daily Notes Module.  Notes are scanned and loaded daily.

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Students please use this link to go to CANVAS.   Use your birth month abbreviation with a capital letter, period, the lunch PIN number .  ex  Jan.123456 

  go to [Canvas](https://sps186.instructure.com/)

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Submitting Work using CANVAS app on your phone.

CLICK HERE.    Follow the instructions.   If you have an older phone, then use +  for photo 

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Submitting Work using your Phone

CLICK HERE   Follow the instructions.   If you have an older phone, then use +  for photo 


News Jun 2 Oh, I don't know why but I've always loved the idea of summer and sun and all things hot....

Exam Reviews

News May 19 Located on the right side and also in the Canvas Module Semester Exam.   Questions will be addressed in Zooms May 26 & May 27.  

Final Schedule and Grade Chart

News May 17 Please go to the school website or my CANVAS PAGE to view the Fnal Exam Schedule and the Grade Chart.  Follow STEPS 1 2 3 on CANVAS to covey your intention to be EXEMPT or TAKE the GEOMETRY EXAM.

MAP Testing

News May 17 Thank you so much for the students who logged in and completed the NWEA MAP Testing.   Appreciate you taking the Test.  

April 6th

News Mar 28 We begin four day student attendance on April 6th.   Monday will remain a Remote day for all students.  See you in class or on zoom

What ? Break is over ?

News Mar 8 Yes.  Sadly, we must return to school    But March is for MADNESS !   Let's end third quarter and start fourth and get done with this school year.   See you in ZOOMS  T W Th F


News Feb 12 President LIncoln would have been 212 on this  2 - 12 - 2021.   How cool is that ?  Check my math   Born in 1809.  So 2021 - 1809 is 212 years birthdday celebration.  Enjoy the President's Day off from school.


News Feb 12 February ends and we will have SPRING BREAK.  Will not feel like spring but more of a WINTER BREAK for that first...

Progress Grades

News Feb 4 Progress Grades will be posted Feb 6th. Check those grades on CANVAS to verify they are transferred to the Infosytem.    Message Mrs. Dearing with any questions or concerns.  Three weeks to BREAK.  


News Jan 11 Students take their own attendance three days and teacher will take attendance the other two days based on A B days.  Log into Canvas - Geometry and use the ATTENDANCE link to check in by 3pm.

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