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"Life after Bully: Teenage Star of Hit Documentary Finally Escapes His Tormentors..." by Hannah Rand

This is an article on how the courage to speak out about being the victim of vicious bullying resulted in unlikely fame and activism.

"Anti-Bullying Activist Spreads Message of Kindness" by Nia McMillan

This text is about the young founder of WeStopHate, an anti-bullying advocacy group that helps kids strengthen their self-esteem.

Bullying Statistics and More

This site contains a lot of information that may be useful.

"Stand Up" by Blue Kit

This is a blog that allows young people to write personal essays about their experiences with bullying.

"Are You Being Bullied: Cyberbullying" by Genet Berhane

This article discusses cyber bullying and has tips for how to respond.

"The 3-Minute Interview: Lee Hirsch, Anti-Bullying Activist

This text interviews the director of Bully and digs deeper into his personal experiences being bullied and the importance of anti[bullying action and education.

"Cyberbullying: What Teachers and Schools Can Do" by Carelee Adams

This text is about what adults within the school community can do to help stop bullying.

"Cyberbullying: What Schools Can Do to Stop It" by Emily Richmond

This article shows how schools are handling the increase in cyberbullying.

"Bullying: My Bully Essay for School"

This is an essay by a student laying out different ways to stop bullying.