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Snap Word Practice

Practice your snap words:
Spin the wheel.


Look and listen to the word that pops up.   

Watch the word as it appears.

Say the word.

You can remove the word from the wheel, or keep it on if you would like to practice it more!



Fantasy Books Padlet

Enjoy reading some fantasy stories.  These books are sorted by text level bands. 

Storyline Online

Curl up in a favorite reading spot, sit back and enjoy a read aloud!

downloadBackwards Planning Resources

Resources Aug 17 Here is a blank calendar to use to backwards plan/pace out GP 1 2020

downloadQuestions for Before, During & After Reading

Info Mar 30 Help keep your children engaged in books and stories by asking questions before, during and after reading.  This list will help families have strong book disucssions.   

Generation Genius

Info Mar 25 A new teaching resource for grades K - 5, created in partnership with the National Science Teachers Association.  Ente

Books for emergent readers ( Levels A - E)

Info Mar 24 This link will allow Level A - E readers to explore books that are just right for them.  

Common Core Strategies for Literatre

Resources Oct 30 Review sample lessons and ideas for each CCSS for Literature

Common Core Strategies for Informational Texts

Resources Oct 30 Review sample lessons and ideas for each CCSS for Informational texts

Rethinking the Book Box

Resources Nov 5 This article, from Scholastic, shares one teacher's ideas on individual book boxes for students and...

Leveling Books

Resources Oct 10 Are you interested in knowing the Guided Reading, DRA, or Lexile Level of a book? Click on the...

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