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Climbing the Ladder!

Students who are practicing speech sounds are climbing the ladder this year. They decorated an "artic stick" for each of their target sounds. We're moving up from isolation to syllables and words. The next step is phrases and sentences. Then it's on to oral reading and conversation. Student's are climbing towards graduation! Movin' on UP!!

downloadMay is Better Hearing and Speech Month

Speech At Home May 5 Each year in the month of May, my students and I celebrate Better Hearing and Speech month. This is the month to bring awareness to my role as a speech-language pathologist and why speech-lang

Describe It!

Speech At Home Apr 28 In speech class many students have goals for describing and defining vocabulary. We usually use the Headbanz game to play this game, but we make up our own words. You can practice your speech

Following Directions - Sidewalk Style

Speech At Home Apr 22 Hello! This week I decided that even speech teachers can enjoy FUN outside with kid toys, so I dug out some sidewalk chalk and went to work! Click the link to view the video of my final masterpiece


Speech At Home Apr 20 I have some WONDERFUL news to share with you all! Last week I received an email from Donor's Choose, a website that is dedicated to funding grants for education. I have written

Simon's Cat

Speech At Home Apr 15 After a very relaxing Spring Break, I'm feeling pretty stressed right now! I miss seeing my students and I'm trying to plan ways to stay in touch with each of you while we're away from

Creating Comics

Speech At Home Apr 2 I've found an interactive website that will help you with your writing, language, and creativity in such a fun way! It's called the Comic Creator by Read, Write, Think! Make a funny co

downloadRoll and Color Peeps

Speech At Home Mar 30 A quick printable activity that you can do at home to practice your speech goals is this Roll and Color page. If you do not have access to a printer, you can save the pdf to your photos on a phone


Speech At Home Mar 27 Yesterday I took a walk around my neighborhood for a little exercise. I can already walk for 10 minutes longer than I could last week.  As I am building my strength, it got me to thinking

downloadRoll and Retell - Reading Comprehension

Speech At Home Mar 24 I sure hope you all are getting to spend a lot of extra time reading at home. I have already finished 3 books, and I'm starting my 4th! When I read a really good book, I always want to discuss

Wilma Jean the Worry Machine: Expressing our Feelings

Speech At Home Mar 22 This year I have had the pleasure of teaching language lessons to all kindergarteners once a week in their classooms. It is truly one of the very BEST parts of my job because I get to share so

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