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We use the Illinois Art Standards!

I grade Art work through the Illinois Art Standards for 1st- 5th grade.  I also use rubrics to set the standard. I hope for students to be introduced to many types of Artwork!

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Future Art Shows 2020 -2021

There are many art shows in Springfield District #186 that will be coming this school year that we are very excited about.  Such as "The Exceptional Art Show,"  Springfield's "1900 Art Show", and the "SIU Medical School Art Show."  It will be a great year! 

5th grade- Finish cup weaving- 11/2-11/4

Lesson Plans 3 days ago We will finish the cupweaving project we started a few weeks back.

Let's Draw Crankenstein! 1st/2nd- 10/25-10/29

Lesson Plans 5 days ago We will draw Crankenstein (Frankenstein) together. Students can color with crayons or markers. When fininshed students may color a coloring sheet. Reinforce SLOs- meaning of architecture,

Let's Draw a Haunted House! 3rd-5th grade 10/25-10/29

Lesson Plans 5 days ago We will draw a Haunted House step by step and talk about what different shapes we created. We will also talk about different things we can add to the picture.

Let's Draw Halloween Candy!- 10/18-10/22

Lesson Plans Oct 12 We will draw candy step by step. Students will be handed a sheet that demonstrates how to draw some candy. They can draw their own candy as well and add to it as they see fit.  Lastly, student

4th/5th Grade- 10/12-10/15

Lesson Plans Oct 11 Finish Optical Illusion Art  If time allows work on murals/haunted house drawing

1st-3rd- Draw a Jack O'Lantern- 10/12-10/15

Lesson Plans Oct 11 We will draw a Jack O'lantern step by step.

3rd- 10/4-10/8

Lesson Plans Oct 3 Van Gogh Sunflowers We will draw a vase with flowers in the style of Vincent Van Gogh.


Lesson Plans Oct 3 We will draw and color a sunflower.

4th/5th Grade- 10/4-10/8

Lesson Plans Oct 3 Finish Op Art If time work on mural

Optical Illusion Art- 4th/5th grade

Lesson Plans Sep 23 We will start/finish our optical illusion Art. We are focusing on the Principle of Art- value. Students are using colored pencils to practice shading.

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