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2020-2021 Class Schedule

NOTE:  First Quarter SHS is totally remote.  Should students return to in-class teaching, my room number is 112.

1st period: Advanced Spanish 135 

2nd period: Business Tech

3rd period: Prep

4th period: Advanced Spanish 135

5th period: Keyboarding 204

6th period: Advanced Spanish 135

7th period: Business Tech

1 to 1 Chromebook Classroom

Spanish students will now use Chromebooks in the classroom!

Starting this week - Business classes - NEW Zoom schedule offering help

Info Sep 28 Beginning the week of September 28, Zoom meetings for Business Tech and Keyboarding will be scheduled for Tuesdays through Fridays.  Tuesdays and Thursdays are mandatory, Wednesda

Zoom schedules

News Sep 7 Spanish periods 1, 4, 6 - Zoom Tuesdays through Fridays (everyone) Business Tech periods 2, 7 - Zoom Tuesdays and Thursdays (everyone) Keyboarding period 5 - Zoom Tuesdays and Thursdays (everyone)


Info Aug 24 Welcome to the wacky 2020 school year at SHS!  This will be a great year to experience new ways of learning and I expect we will have quite a few glitches.  However,

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