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2020-2021 Class Schedule

NOTE:  First Quarter SHS is totally remote.  Should students return to in-class teaching, my room number is 112.

1st period: Advanced Spanish 135 

2nd period: Business Tech

3rd period: Prep

4th period: Advanced Spanish 135

5th period: Keyboarding 204

6th period: Advanced Spanish 135

7th period: Business Tech

1 to 1 Chromebook Classroom

Spanish students will now use Chromebooks in the classroom!

Zoom schedules

News Sep 7 Spanish periods 1, 4, 6 - Zoom Tuesdays through Fridays (everyone) Business Tech periods 2, 7 - Zoom Tuesdays and Thursdays (everyone) Keyboarding period 5 - Zoom Tuesdays and Thursdays (everyone)


Info Aug 24 Welcome to the wacky 2020 school year at SHS!  This will be a great year to experience new ways of learning and I expect we will have quite a few glitches.  However,

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