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September has arrived!

We are truly into the swing of the new school year. I have enjoyed getting to know  all of your students as well as welcome students back from last year. We are working on being kind to each other. We are a team we are Baker's Bunch and we are LIMITLESS! We will be working on AVID skills of organization this year. Students should be bringing home an AVID binder EVERY night. If they do not have it please ask them where it is.  I am trying to build some responsibility for personal belongings. Please limit your students screen time in the evening and make sure they are getting 8-10 hours of sleep each night. A well rested student is a ready to learn student!  Enos is also working on attendance this year. Please make sure your student is present every day as well as being on time. Those few minutes each day can add up in a hurry and that is missed instruction time!

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