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All summer school assignments will be completed using the Edmentum platform. Summer school is from June 1 to July 2. All work must be completed by then. Questions? Email me at megdavis@sps186.org

I will be calling parents Sunday envening and Monday morning and sharing passwords and login information so each child can successfully start Edmetum class for Health. How to log in to Edmentum: 

 Also all students must check their school emails for a link to a Zoom meeting scheduled for Tuesday.

Step 1: Go to https://login.edmentum.com/ (Links to an external site.)

Step 2: Account login (for everyone) is: SSD186  

Step 3: We will give you your username and password

Step 4: Begin working on the assignments. (Start with the student orientation.) Email me when you are ready for a test to be unlocked. 


Graduation Requirements

Graduation Requirements
English 4 credits
Mathematics 3 credits
Science 3 credits
U.S.History 1 credit
American Government .5 credit
Social Studies 1.5 credits
Consumer Education .25 credit
Health .5 credit
Driver's Education .25 credit
Physical Education 2 credits 
Arts/Career/Foreign Language 2 credit
Public Speaking .5 credit
Electives 7.5 credits

Total credits needed for graduation 26
Students must also pass the US Constitution Test and Consumer Education

Minimum Credits for Grade level advancement
6 credits to be a sophomore (10th grade)
12 credits to be a junior (11th grade)
19 credits to be a senior (12th grade)

What is an Inclusion Teacher ?

Inclusion teachers are special education teachers who have been matched with regular education teachers to co-teach. We are there to support students with special needs, to make sure that accommodations listed on the students' IEP's are implemented, and to support the teacher. We have many roles. Sometimes we will be in the front of the classroom along with the regular education teacher teaching the material to the whole class. Sometimes we are circulating the classroom to make sure students are following along. We will work with small groups to re-teach information or to provide additional academic support. We also offer support and assistance to any student who has questions or needs something re-explained. We support classroom management and provide positive and negative consequences for behavior. We make parent phone calls and have parent conferences. We have access to student information and grades and participate in some classroom grading.