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Wednesday Activity

Make a chart with heatlhy and unhealthy foods in your home!

Here is my list:

Healthy                                     Unhealthy

Carrots                                     cookies

Water                                       diet coke

Milk                                         chips

apples                                     broccoli

pasta                                       kool aid

eggs                                       Kit Kat bars

juice                                       gummy bears


Tuesday Activity

Write or draw about your favorite memory of school from this year.  Add as many details as you can.  

Monday Activity

List five things in your house that are liquids, five things that are solids, and three things that are gases.  Share your list on the webpage, in a text, in an email, or in talking points!


Thursday Activity

Create your own superhero!  Draw and label his / her costume and list his / her superpowers!  

Wednesday Activty

Look at the food in your home.  Create a silly pretend food menu for lunch.  

Example:  Grilled cheese and maple syrup sandwich with chicken juice.  

Share by posting, emailing, texting, or Talking Points!  

Tuesday Activity: Using Tally Marks

Tally the shoes in your house by person.  Who in your house has the most shoes?  Email, post, text, or share your answer in Talking Points.

See you soon!


Ms. Jenny

Monday Activty

Monday Activity!  Use the foods in your house to make a restaurant menu!  Here's mine:
Ham sandwich:  $2.00
Piece of pizza:  $3.00
Cookie:  $0.50
Glass of milk:  $1.00
Share your menu with me! 

Tuesday Activity

Make a list of ten opposites.  Try to use advanced vocabulary if you can!  Share your list in an email, text message, or on Talking Points.



Monday Activty

Today's activity is to read a familiar story.  A familiar story is one that you have already read a few times.  Read the story or part of the story to someone in your home, or record your reading and send it to me in a text, email, or on talking points.  Happy reading everyone!

Ms. Jenny :)

Friday Activty

Get ready for Mother's Day by gathering your materials!  You will need a clean, empty soup can, some dirt, and a spoon.  We will work together on the project next week, so make sure you have your things ready, and tune into our Zoom meetings as they are posted.

Have a great weekend.


Ms. Jenny

Wednesday Activity

Today's activity is to step outside your front door for a few minutes (hopefully you won't get wet!).  Stand still and think about what you see, what you hear, what you smell, and what you feel.  Write your observations or share in a picture.

Tuesday Activity

Today, make a poem using the letters in your first name.  Each line should begin with one of the letters in your name.  Here's is mine:

Jellyfish lover

Enjoys warm weather

Noticing the flowers

Nightly prayers

Young at heart :)

Share yours in an email or text if you'd like!

Monday Activity

Use cans and boxes to build a tall tower.  Knock it down, and see if you can use all of the materials to make a shorter tower.  How did you do it?  Share with me in an email or picture.  This should be a fun activity!  

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Tuesday Activty

Find 10 things that are heavy.  Draw them or write a list.

Find 10 things that are soft.  Draw them or write a list.

Email me your lists and pictures at messina@sps186.org.

Have a great day.  See you tomorrow on Zoom ;)

Wednesday Zoom

Please join the Zoom meeting tomorrow at 10:00 am.  See you there!  

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Monday Activity

Good morning!  Today's activity is to measure five things in your house using a toothbrush.  Write a sentence telling how many toothbrushes long each item is!  Choose a few big things and a couple of small things to measure.  Here is my list:

My bed is 20 toothbrushes long.

My picture is 2 toothbrushes long.

My plate is 1 toothbrush long.  

My couch is 25 toothbrushes long.

My tv is 7 toothrbushes long.

Share your work in an email or in a text.  


Ms. Jenny

Friday Activity

It was great to see everyone today! Thank you for joining our Zoom session. Today's activity is a drawing and coloring activity. What do you look like in the mirror? Draw a picture of yourself and label if you can! Send me a picture of your picture in a text or in an email! 😃
See you all again soon!
Ms. Jenny

At Home Learning Resources

Here is a list of websites to support at home language learning.  They can be used in addtion to the activities that I post on my webpage daily.  


Wednesday Activity

Good morning everyone!  Today's activity is to choose household items to invent something new.  Be creative and have fun!  Take a picture of your invention and email the picture to me so that I can view it and share it on our webpage.  Have a wonderful Wednesday!


Ms. Jenny

Tuesday Activity

Today, your activity is to watch a TV show or movie.  Send me an email, draw a picture, or write to tell me all about it.  Please include the title, characters, setting, beginning, middle, and end of the tv show or movie.  Tune into our 10:00 zoom meeting for a mini lesson this activity.  See you then!

Ms. Jenny


Great to see everyone today!  I hope you liked the story!  Have a safe and fun break from school next week.  I will set up another meeting for Tuesday April 14.  That is the day that learning at home will start again.  


Ms. Jenny

Storytime Today

Hi everyone,

We had some problems using Zoom for storytime today.  I sent a link on email this afternoon.  Please try to get onto the zoom meeting and email me letting me know if it works.


Ms. Jenny

Get Ready to Read a Story

Read a Story


Hi everyone!  Today we are going to get ready to read a story!  Do you remember how we prepare to read a new story?  First, we read the title and think about what the story might be about.  The story is called "What do yo do with a Kangaroo?"  On the front cover is a little girl in her house with a kangaroo, and the little girl looks very angry!  I wonder why the kangaroo is in her house?  I wonder why she is angry.  Look at the front cover of the book, it is attached.  What do you predict will happen in the story?  Be ready to share you answers before we read it tomorrow!  See you then!



Ms. Jenny


At Home Spelling Practice

This link will help you keeep up your spelling skills while leanring at home. 

Scavenger Hunt

Hi!  It's a nice, sunny day out today.  Your assingment is to get outside (with an adult) and go on a scavenger hunt.  Here is a list of things to find:

1.  A blue car

2.  A brick house

3.  A dog

4.  A recycling bin

5.  a bird

6.  A house with "9" in the number

7.  A "for sale" or "sold" sign

8.  A license plate that spells a word.

9.  A basketball net.

10.  A open garage door.

11.  A bicycle

12.  A bird.

13.  A driveway with two cars in it.

Have fun, and let me know how many of the items you find!  Send pictures if you want!