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download Mrs. Holler's Lesson Plans 5/18-5/22

Here are Mrs. Holler's lesson plans for May 18-May 22.

download Mrs. Holler's Lesson Plans 5/11/20-5/15/20

Here are the lesson plans for May 11, 2020-May 15, 2020.

download Mrs. Holler's Lesson Plans for May 4-8, 2020.

Here are the lesson plans for May 4-8.

Don't Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus

download Mrs. Holler's Schedule and Plans for the Week of April 27, 2020

Please view this document to see our schedule for learning the week of April 27, 2020.

download Mrs. Holler's Schedule for 4/20/20-4/24/20

Please see this schedule to know the learning expectations! You need to note...

11:00 Zoom on Monday

All other lessons and assignments will be posted on Seesaw. Email, Dojo Message, or Seesaw Message Mrs. Holler for any questions you may have!

download Mrs. Holler's Weekly Online Learning Schedule

Please see this document to learn about my online learning schedule.

Spring Break

Hello All,

Today is the last day of virtual learning before Spring Break. We will return to virtual learning on Tuesday, April 14, 2020. Until then I will not be posting assignments or communication. However, since this might be a bit of a different kind of spring break for us all, I wanted to share some ideas I'll be doing with my family and some that I plan to do on staycations in the future! Adapt any of the ideas to make them work for your family.

1) Movie Marathon: Everyone gets to choose their favorite movie and watch as many as you can in a day! Eat your favorite snacks, make popcorn, share some homemade milkshakes or smoothies.

2) 24 Hour Fort Challenge: Have your kiddo make a fort in the living room. They have to spend 24 hours there (they can come out of the fort to use the restroom/stretch/eat a meal/etc.). Take pictures and have them write sentences about their favorite fort activities!

3) Take a Drive: Go out driving! When you get to an intersection someone gets to choose left, right, or straight. Keep driving as long as you want! Pack a picnic to eat in the car or a deserted area.

4) Make a Movie: Take a day and have your kids or family make a movie! They'll have to write the script, practice, perform, and record.

5) Craft Day: Research a fun/easy/interesting craft. Spend the day making the craft or art project. Take pictures of the steps you had to make to do the creation.

6) Restaurant: Encourage your kiddo to help in the kitchen. All day, pretend like you are going to a different restaurant. Set the table, choose place settings, encourage fancy attire for a fancy dinner. Let your kiddo get creative with this one! 

Have a great spring break and time with your family! I'll talk with everyone again on April 14, 2020!

4-3-2020 Assignments

Hello everyone! This is our last online learning day before spring break! Our next day for class and assignments will be Tuesday, April 14, 2020.

For reading AND math, please login to seesaw and do the posted assignments for today. If you are disconnected from our Class Dojo, click on this link https://www.classdojo.com/ and search our school to get connected. OR reach out ot me and I will get you a new invite :) I want us to get connected now that we are all so blessed to have our own devices. I can't wait to be connected with everyone again!

4-2-2020 Assignments

Today is technology distribution day!

Reading and Math: Login to Seesaw for today's assignments. I love to see the work you have completed. Happy learning!

4-1-2020 Assignments

Reading: Practice writing these snap words: up, fun, get, and, then, and said. After you practice writing them, practice writing them in a sentence.

Math: Go outside a collect some materials from your yard: leaves, sticks, garden tools, toys, or other things you can find. Sort them into 2 groups- flat objects and solid figures. 

3-31-2020 Assignments

Math: Choose a snack to eat sometime today. Before you eat the snack, guess how many bites it will take to finish the food. As you eat, keep count of how many bites you took. Write the number, show it with counters, and practice counting to that number.

Reading: Please choose a book to read. Read it with a family member, find the read aloud on youtube, and act the book out.

Reading 3-30-2020

Watch this video about spelling CVC words. After you watch the video, choose some words and practice spelling them.

Math 3-30-2020

Watch this video about triangles. After you watch the video, go on a hunt for things shaped like triangles inside or outside your house. Message Mrs. Holler to show her the things you found shaped like triangles!

Technology Distribution- Enos- THURSDAY- 9-11am

We now have technology available for families who need a device for home-based learning. Enos will be open on Thursday, April 2, 2020  from 9-11a.m..  Please drive up to pick up your device in the bus lane. We will use the old school entrance, by the bike rack for distribution. You will need to sign a form to accept the device. You must bring a valid Picture I.D. It would help if you would bring your own pen to use during process. A parent/guardian or a person on the emergency card should come to pick up the device. The form will be on our website so that you can read it in advance. Thank you!

Reading and Math 3-27-2020

Hello everyone! In our kindergarten class, we have fun. We make games and use hands-on activities as much as we possibly can. Kindergarten students do best when they can explore to learn. This is what I want students to do today! Explore and learn.

Math: Find objects around the house that are shaped like triangles and circles. Trace the objects onto paper if possible. Notice the sizes of the shapes. Which ones are bigger? Which ones are smaller?

Reading: Choose any book from your house to read with your child. Before reading, have your child find snap words on the pages. After you find snap words in the book, read it to or with your kiddo. After reading, have your child act it out. This works with fiction and non-fiction books. 

As always...please spend some time on Exact Path. 15 minutes in reading and 15 minutes in math is a good goal to have. Students can also access seesaw to complete some of those fun activities.

Reading 3-26-2020

Read "How Many?" with Mrs. Holler. Use your reading super powers to read the covered words. If you're feeling brave, read it with the sound off after you've watched with the sound off a couple times.

Math 3-26-2020

Watch this video for math today. We are talking about circles! After you watch the video, tell Mrs. Holler about the objects shaped like circles that you have at your own house. 

Math 3-25-2020

Use number sense to solve these problems! When you are done with the video, make up some of your own.

Reading 3-25-2020

Reading for today. Review the short i vowel with this video.

Math 3-24-2020

For math I want students to watch this counting to 100 song. Watch it as many times as you can! Once you're feeling condfident, count to 100 with your eyes closed to someone at home with you.

Reading 3-24-2020

For reading today I want students to watch this vowel video. After you watch the video, come up with your own words for each short and long vowel!

Math 3-23-2020

Addition lesson. Watch this video to review addition. Then make up some of your own addition problems and give them to someone to solve! If you cannot find someone to solve them, you can solve them yourself.

Reading 3-23-2020

Here is our reading lesson for today! Watch to review snap words. Listen with the volume on to hear me review the words. Watch it with the volume off to test your own snap word knowledge. Listen to the end to hear about a couple of different activities you can do with your own child.

Math 3-20-2020 Subitize Rap

Show this video to your child. Subitizing is such an important skill for students to have so they can build their number sense. Number sense is a foundation to learning addition and subtraction. There are other subitizing videos too.

Challenge your child to make their own subitizing video or play.

download Learning a Snap Word 3-20-2020

This is how we learn snap words in kindergarten. Take a look at the list with your kiddo and see which ones they know. Challenge them to perfect all the snap words we have learned so far.

Seesaw Invite

Please click this to get to our class seesaw account. Students will need an individual code to get in. Mrs. Holler sent the codes on class dojo. If you cannot get to yours, please reach out via email and she will get you the code you need ASAP!

Math 3-19-2020

The math lesson for today is over subtraction. The best way to learn is to teach. Have your kiddo teach you how to subtract!

Reading 3-19-2020

Here is the reading lesson for today! I go over blending and reading CVC words. Have fun with it!

Math 3-18-2020

Time for math! Watch this video to play a number sense game. In kindergarten, students need to be able to count, write, and make the numbers 0-20. 

Reading 3-18-2020

Watch this video to review the letters and sounds. If you want easy access to the videos I will be posting in the future, please subscribe to my channel!


Take a break with one our most favorite videos!

download Reading 3-17-20

Read this ant and grasshopper book with your child.

Though this is a short book, it is one that I want you to read through each day.

Today: Read through the book 2-3 times.

Wednesday: Read the book and then find all the snap words in the book (look, in, the, a, said, me, like, and, was, he, etc.)

Thursday: Read the book and then choose one word from the book to make rhyming words with.

Friday: Read the book and then act it out with your kiddo. This is their favorite activity!

Math 3-17-20

Here is the math game/activity for today. In this game, you can learn and play games with 2D and 3D shapes! There are some monsters in the game that make it all the more fun. 


Unfortunately my welcome videos can only be viewed on class dojo! Head on over to class dojo to see my good morning video from today! 

If you and your kiddo are interested in being one of our good morning welcomers, let me know! I would love for the kids in the class to see one another virtually while we are away from school.

Here what to do...

1) Take a 30 second-1 minute video of your child (be in it with them if you want)

2) Talk about what you are going to do or work on that day

3) Send it to my email (mholler@sps186.org)

I will do the rest! 

Learning at Home

Hello families!

I hope everyone has had the opportunity to get onto Exact Path with their kiddos! As we work through our online learning journey, I want to reiterate how important it is for students to continue the work we started in the classroom. All the kids have come so so SO far this year as readers, writers, mathematicians, detectives, and learners. To make sure we are able to pick up the learning where we left off, students need to continue using the skills we learned in the classroom. I will be posting daily, Monday through Friday with different learning activities to do with your kiddo. Together, we can achieve anything. If you do not have access to internet/wifi at home, please let the school know! Principal Johnson has resources that she can print for you or give you for your student to learn at home. Please reach out to me via email (mholler@sps186.org) or Class Dojo if you need anything. 

You can use the schedule we use in the classroom or do your own thing. At school, I strive to do as much play-based learning as I can. This means we use manipulatives, materials, and hands-on learning as much as possible. We just recenetly started implementing more technology also. 

Exact Path is the most important thing I want students to work on. Ideally, they will do one lesson, practice, and quiz in reading and math each day. This should take them about 30-45 minutes total. I will be able to see the work the kids are doing on my own computer. 

Let me know if I can help you with a password or question!

Looking forward to working with you all, seeing the progress and work students complete at home, and continuing our learning when we return. Best wishes.

Mrs. Holler

Reading 3-16-2020

Caps for Sale! This has been a favorite read aloud this year. Have your kiddo watch this online read aloud and then act the story out. 

download Math 3-16-2020

In math we are learning the major 2D and 3D shapes! Here is a pdf that can help your kiddo learn the shapes.

2D shapes they need to know: square, rectangle, circle, and hexagon.

3D shapes they need to know: cube, cylinder, cone, sphere.

download Mrs. Holler's Daily Schedule

Take a look at our daily schedule! Do you want your kiddo to have a day at home like they do at school? Feel free to follow the same times that we use in the classroom!