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Spring Break

Hello All,

Today is the last day of virtual learning before Spring Break. We will return to virtual learning on Tuesday, April 14, 2020. Until then I will not be posting assignments or communication. However, since this might be a bit of a different kind of spring break for us all, I wanted to share some ideas I'll be doing with my family and some that I plan to do on staycations in the future! Adapt any of the ideas to make them work for your family.

1) Movie Marathon: Everyone gets to choose their favorite movie and watch as many as you can in a day! Eat your favorite snacks, make popcorn, share some homemade milkshakes or smoothies.

2) 24 Hour Fort Challenge: Have your kiddo make a fort in the living room. They have to spend 24 hours there (they can come out of the fort to use the restroom/stretch/eat a meal/etc.). Take pictures and have them write sentences about their favorite fort activities!

3) Take a Drive: Go out driving! When you get to an intersection someone gets to choose left, right, or straight. Keep driving as long as you want! Pack a picnic to eat in the car or a deserted area.

4) Make a Movie: Take a day and have your kids or family make a movie! They'll have to write the script, practice, perform, and record.

5) Craft Day: Research a fun/easy/interesting craft. Spend the day making the craft or art project. Take pictures of the steps you had to make to do the creation.

6) Restaurant: Encourage your kiddo to help in the kitchen. All day, pretend like you are going to a different restaurant. Set the table, choose place settings, encourage fancy attire for a fancy dinner. Let your kiddo get creative with this one! 

Have a great spring break and time with your family! I'll talk with everyone again on April 14, 2020!