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OS9 IP Printer Setup

February 26, 2010

1. Open Applications MacOS 9, then open Utilities
2. Double Click "Desktop Printer Utility"
3. Select "Printer (LPR)" and click OK.
4. In the "PostScript Printer Description (PPD) File" section, click on "Change..." and select "Generic".
5. In the "LPR" section, click on "Change..." to bring up the Internet Printer window.
6. Enter the printer's IP address for "Printer Address".
7. For queue name leave it blank.
8. Click on "Verify" to verify that the printer was found.
9. Click OK.
10. Go to the File menu and select "Save".
11. Enter a name and location for the desktop printer icon and click OK. The default name is the printer's IP address, and the default location is on the desktop.
12. Quit, then try to print