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Mobi Troubles?

September 29, 2009

Having trouble with your Mobi? Try the following:

1. Turn your Mobi Pad OFF
2. Unplug the USB RF Adapter
3. Exit DeviceManager from the menubar icon
4. Plug in the USB RF Adapter
5. Open the DeviceManager Application
     -Located in either your Dock, or in the folder Applications/eInstruction/DeviceManager/
6. Wait for the DeviceManager icon to appear in the menubar
7. Once the icon appears in the menubar, turn the Mobi Pad ON
8. Test the Mobi Pad

SECOND, If FIRST does not work:
1. Remove the USB RF adapter
2. Restart your computer
3. Log into your account and wait until the Device Manager icon appears in the menubar
4. Plug in the USB RF adapter
5. Open Device Manager and click on "Discover Devices"
6. See if it worked.

THIRD, If SECOND does not work:
1. Delete the folders at the following locations:
Macintosh HD -> Users -> Your Name (teacher or intranet login)-> Library -> Application Support -> eInstruction
Macintosh HD -> Users -> Your Name (teacher or intranet login) -> Library -> Preferences -> InterWrite
2. Restart your computer using the steps in the "First" method.
3. See if it worked.

FOURTH, If none of the above have helped:
1. Contact Computer Services Support 585-5808