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Writing opportunities.

Photos Sep 2 I love to encourage my students to write.  Here are some students in action with their writing. 

Reading Activities

Photos Sep 2 Some fun ways to help students gain skills and confidence while working on skills independently and in a grop setting.

Math Fun

Photos Sep 2 Making math hands on is a goal of mine to help and encourage my students in their math growth. 

Word Work

Photos Sep 2 Students have a variety of fun and engaging activities to help them gain knowledge of words and word work.  We write words in sand, create words with playdoh, make words wiht pasta, use magnet

Counting Stews

Photos Sep 2 Counting stews area fun, hands on, engaging activity for students to develop numbersense and practice skills.  I take the concept and branch it out to place value, adding, subtracting, multipl

Writing Centers

Photos Sep 2 Writing can be difficult for students.  I create, based on the overall theme from students pacing guides, wrtiing centers.  These allow students to work independently, with tools that the

Expository Writing Centers

Photos Nov 5 Upon return from our break, a week after that, students began working on Expository, or informational writing.  These centers are all based on things students can research and write about. &nb

Narrative Writing Centers

Photos Nov 5 Students enjoyed writing Narratives through four different centers, Roll-A-Story, Scrambled Sentences, Silly Rainbow Sentences and A BBQ picture prompt.

Wonderful Writers

Photos Jan 19 Students seem to find writing difficult. We spent some time going over some of the items we should include in our writing. I found this fun word sort for writing. The kids enjoyed it as well!

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