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Harvard Park Instructional Focus:

All students will collaborate throughout the day by sharing ideas and applying problem solving strategies.

Harvard Park Mission Statement:

Our mission is to educate all students to be productive citizens by teaching them to be critical thinkers and problem solvers with a life-long passion for learning. 

January Dates

January16 - No School

End of year fun!

Photos May 22 Towards the end of the school year we like to participate in fun activities.  In this gallery you will see some of the activities students took part in! 

Google Classroom

Resources Mar 20 I have decided to give google classroom a try.  The students and I really love it and it brings so much more to the classroom!  I am posting the link so if a student is out sick, or needs

Breakout Edu: If you give a mouse a cookie....

Photos Feb 23 At the iPad training we worked in teams to crack the code of our breakout box. Our team crushed it!  Subsequent photos to follow.

Winter break

Photos Jan 31 Before winter break, students received hand made blankets and some gloves!

Math Celebration

Photos Jan 31 Students met a math goal of 80% increasing their basic fact scores. The juggler and the whip guy were amazing entertainers.

More Science

Photos Jan 31 Students created plant cells using different food items today's!

Online Library

Resources Jan 6 This website is an online library. Students can search and add books the their own bookshelf....


Photos Nov 15 Students experimented with electrical currents and magnetism today.

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