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Nutrition Speaker - Erin Zepp

Erin Zepp, MS, RD, CDE is from Memorial Weight Loss & Wellness Center

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SIU School of Medicine Depression and Anxiety

Dr. Nibras from SIU School of Medicine put this presentation together for our health classes. 


1st hour - 8:24-9:17 - Health

2nd hour - 9:22-10:12 - Prep

3rd hour - 10:17-11:07 - Health

4th hour - 11:12-12:02 - Health

5th hour - 12:39-1:28 - Health 

6th hour - 1:33-2:22 - Health

7th hour - 2:27-3:17 - Health

downloadDepression and Anxiety Presentation From SIU school of Med

Resources Sep 27 Dr. Nibras from SIU School of Medicine put this presentation together for out health class.  

What is Depression

Resources Aug 20 This is a Ted-Ed clip.

downloadSex Ed Permission Form 16-17

Newsletter Sep 8 This is the Sex Ed form that needs to be turned in before we start the unit.

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