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5Essentials Survey

The 5Essentials Parent, Teacher and Student Surveys are now open.  All surveys are open until February 14, 2020. 

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Student Leader Application

Please click here to apply for a Student Leadership position. Remember that this is an application and you want your writing to represent your intelligence.

Picture of the Student of the Week
Student of the Week

This week's Student of the Week has been working so hard in class. She is showing just how much fortitude our Enos kids have. Congrats and keep up the good work!

Homework Club
Homework Club!

Congrats to all of the students that finished ALL of their homework last week and turned in their Homework Tracker!


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Thanksgiving Webquest

Click here to access information about the first Thanksgiving.

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Thanksgiving Webquest Sheet

Click here to download the Webquest Worksheet to type into.

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On-Line Dictionary

Great dictionary for students as they read

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The Hour of Code

Click here to be taken to the Hour of Code site.

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Chess Tutorial

This site is a tutorial on chess.

Escape Room Conclusion

Photos Today The kids were able to finish their Escape Room this past Friday. The kids are working on thinking creatively and flexibly. They learned about several African Americans while decoding and figuring o

African American History Month Guest Reader

Photos Today This week, we were blessed to have a guest reader teach about all 3 famous African Americans. 


Newsletter 4 days ago

Play at UIS about Rosa Parks

Photos 6 days ago We were able to go see a play about the amazing life of Rosa Parks at UIS!

Black History Month Escape Room

Photos 6 days ago This oast Friday, the kids got to start their second escape room of the year. This one focused on famous African Americans from history and worked to develop fortitude and perserverance!

Sojourner Truth Presentation

Photos 6 days ago To help celebrate Black History Month, we got to hear about the amazing life od Sojourner Truth!


Newsletter 6 days ago

January Stamps Presentation

Photos Jan 27 This past Friday, we had another stamps presentation. The focus this month was the American Revolution. The kids learned about stamps that focused on battles, people, and major events in the war an

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