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September 12

September 12, 2019


Today in class: I modeled how to use the EV3 application, Google Classroom, and the tutorial websites all together.

Homework: None.

Learning at Home: Ask your child to tell you how the build is going.



Today in class: Session 6 2D to 3D — Transitions

Homework: Change the color of your transtions/transitional phrases to the color teal! Make sure you have six by the end of the essay. Work on essay for 15 minutes if you are not finished typing it.

Learning at Home: Ask your child to show your draft to them.



Today in class:  Session 5 sympathy

Students were to read and jot about The Difficult Path. All six short stories and jots are due at the end of the hour tomorrow.

Homework: Finish finish reading The Difficult Path and all other jots!

Learning at Home: Ask your child to tell you about the short story they read.