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Thursday, April 2 Falcon Blog

Blog Yesterday What is something you have been able to do while social distancing that you would not have normally had the time or opportunity to do?

Wednesday, April 1 Falcon Blog - Gratitude

Blog 2 days ago Being unable to do your normal day-to-day things can help you learn to appreciate them! Are you realizing you are missing something that you may have taken for granted before social distancing?

Tuesday, March 31 Falcon Blog - Goals

Blog 3 days ago Let's all name one small, attainable goal to set for ourselves today. Then... let's do it! ;)  

Monday, March 30 Falcon Blog - How are You?

Blog 4 days ago How are you Falcons doing? How have your emotions changed over these past couple weeks? Are things getting easier...

Friday, March 27 Falcon Blog - Movies

Blog Mar 27 What is your favorite movie? Do you have any "feel-good" movie recommendations?

Thursday, March 26 Falcon Blog - Pets

Blog Mar 26 People love their fur babies! Not only do they become a part of our family, owning a pet has many positive effects...

Wednesday, March 25 Falcon Blog - Music

Blog Mar 25 Hi Falcons! As I am typing this, I am blaring my playlist. I have listened to more music this past week than I have in...

Tuesday, March 24 Falcon Blog - Self-Management

Blog Mar 24 Yesterday we wrote about our emotions and how we are feeling (self-awareness)....

Monday, March 23 Falcon Blog - Self-Awareness

Blog Mar 23 The first main skill associated with Social Emotional Learning is self-awareness....

Friday, March 20 Falcon Blog - Laughter is the Best Medicine

Blog Mar 20 We have heard the saying, “Laughter is the Best Medicine....

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