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6th Hour Video Journalism- Lesson Plans

Semester Two- Video Journalism

Week of March 30- April 3 

  • PLEASE SEE GOOGLE CLASSROOM FOR THIS WEEK'S ASSIGNMENTS! (Videos are being unblocked today- please check back later or tomorrow! Thanks and sorry!!)

Week of March 23-27

  • A new assignment has been posted in Google Classroom. Watch the documentary Hunger in America via Kanopy from the Lincoln Library website, and complete the 3-2-1 assignment attached.

Week of March 16-20

  • I will be returning your Living the Bottom Line later today (if I haven't already) please make corrections and re-submit

  • As 2nd semester is longer than first, we will actually NOT be behind due to these unexpected days off, so focus your time and energy on your core classes and other electives and I will see you back at school —some day- LOL!

Weeks of March 2-13

  • Work on Living the Bottom Line. Due: 3/11 (A day) and 3/12 (B day). Quarter ends Friday, March 13- any work not submitted by 3:00 that day = zero in grade book for the assignment (which will factor into your quarter grade!!!)

Week of Feb 24-28

  • M/T The Homestretch 3-2-1 assignment due at the start of cass; discuss The Homestretch

  • W-F Begin the Budget assignment in GC.

Week of Feb 18-21

  • This week, all week, we'll be watching the documentary The Homestretch. You will complete the 3-2-1 assignment in Google Classroom as we watch. (You may bring snacks, as long as it's nothing too messy AND you clean up after yourselves!)

Week of Feb 10-14

  • M: Kids without Homes workshee (GC)

  • T/W: Review Kids w/o Homes and start Hard Times in TX (GC)

  • Th/F: Review Hard Times in TX

Week of Jan. 27 - Feb 7

  • Complete "Choose It or Lose It"- turn in to GC; discuss/share in class.

  • Complete "Are you in the Know" and turn it to Google Classroom.

  • Finish any last minute touches on your Valentines

Week of Jan. 21-24

  • In a group, make 30 Valentine's for the homeless children at Contact Ministries and the Matthew Project

Week of Jan. 13-17

  • M/T- Continue watching Beyond the Blackboard and add to your Inquiry 21 questions (DUE at end of movie

  • W/Th- Finish movie and turn in Inquiry 21 questions

  • F- Print/Cut your Inquiry 21 and turn in to Mrs. Pennington (in the bucket)!!

  • No homework- enjoy your 3-day weekend!! NO SCHOOL NEXT MONDAY!


Week of Jan 6-10

  • M- Review classroom policies and procedures, Discuss "What is a non-profit?" HW= None

  • T/W- Read Newsela Article (in Google Classroom), discuss, answer ?s. HW= None

  • Th/F- Review answers to ?s from previous class, explain Inquiry 21, start the movie Beyond the Blackboard. HW= starting questions for Inquiry 21 (can be done during movie in class)



Week of Dec 16-20

  • Monday- SNOW DAY!!!

  • T/W- export 1 copy of the group PSA (choose the best one) and turn it in to Google Classroom

  • Th/Fr- Present PSAs.

Week of Dec 9-13

  • M-Finish recording Green Screen (Due Wed.) 

  • T/W- Advanced Tools (you must use at least 1 Adv. Tool)

  • Th/Fr- Edited Video WITH Adv. Tool DUE.

  • If you have not shown Mrs. Pennington your script = late, photos=late, audio = late.

  • Timing, editing and transitions should be on-going!! 

  • PROJECT DUE: 12/16 (A-day), 12/17 (B-day) NO LATE SUBMISSIONS ACCEPTED!!!

Week of Dec. 2-6

  • M/T: All photo's need to be selected, cropped and edited, then dropped into iMovie- BY THE END OF THE HOUR, homework = RECORD ENTIRE SCRIPT before class on W/Th!!

  • W/Th: Record Green Screen scene and drop into iMovie, begin editing all parts

  • Fri: Continue editing so script matches up with images and Green Screen video

Week of Nov. 25-27

  • Scripts for PSA are DUE Mon (B) and Tues (A), Mrs. Burgar will teach Advanced features of iMovie for your PSA's.

  • Wed (B) continue working on PSA: revise script, find photos, begin recording, brainstorm green screen ideas.

Week of Nov. 18-22

  • M/T- Share PSA Hook with Mrs. Pennington in class for a grade! 

  • M-F- Continue working on PSA script

Week of Nov. 12-15

  • Introduce PSA assignment (also in GC) and assign groups

  • turn in 15 Facts assignment and show Mrs. P your photos in individually labeled albums

  • Work on PSA hook

Week Nov 6-8

  • Finish walking field trips and get photos into albums

  • Complete 15 facts for each field trip 

Week of Oct. 28 - Nov. 5

  • M/T (A/B) Students will be walking to Contact Ministries for a tour of the facilities.

  • W (A) Discussion of field trip

  • Th/F (B/A) Students will be walking to the Grace Lutheran Food Pantry for a tour.

  • M/T (B/A) Students will be walking to the Matthew Project to tour the facilities.

Week of Oct 21-24 (Parent/Teacher Conferences Thur 5-8 & Fri 8-2:30)

  • M/T (A/B) Living the Bottom Line due by end of class. PRINT  a copy to turn in and be sure ALL group member's names are on it!

  • W/Th (A/B) Reviewing/Correcting LBL and then complete Finding the Bottom Line

Week of Oct 15-18

  • All classes, all week, will continue working on their group project "Living the Bottom Line"

  • Don't forget it's SOCKTOBER and we are collecting new or gently used socks for the homeless, so clean out those drawers and share what you can spare!

Week of Oct 4- Oct 11

  • Mon- (B)- Finish Socktober posters and hang up around school

  • T-F (A/B/A/B)- Introduce Living the Bottom Line [LBL], assign groups, begin working on LBL

  • No Homework

Week of Sep 30- Oct 4

  • Mon/Tue- Review Hard Times in TX & Record Flipgrid response by next class

  • Wed/Thur/Fri- SOCKTOBER!!! Details on our non-profit fundraiser for the homeless!! Posters due by end of class Thu (B) and Fri (A).

Week of Sep 23-26 (No School Friday) 

  • Mon/Tue- Finish 'Inocente,' share/discuss questions from GC 

  • Wed/Thur- complete Hard Times in TX 

  • HW: None

Week of Sep 16-20 

  • Mon (B) Read/Discuss Articles #2 on GC, then complete Choose It or Lose It

  • T/W (A/B) Go over Choose it or Lose it; complete Kids without Homes

  • Th/F (A/B) Go over Kids without Homes and start "Inocente"


Week of Sep 9-13 

  • M/T Are you in the Know worksheet (Google Classroom) due next class.

  • W/Th Discuss Are You in the Know

  • F- Read Article #2 in GC; Choose It or Lose It; Venn Diagram

  • Homework- NONE

Week of Sept 3-6 

  • T/W- Socratic Seminar using Inquiry 21 questions from last week (Beyond the Blackboard)

  • Th/F- Watch video and read article about Eric Mason

Week of Aug 26-30 

  • M- Review Inquiry 21 assignment, start watching Beyond the Blackboard

  • T/W- Continue Beyond the Blackboard, continue your questions for Inquiry 21

  • Th/F- Finish Beyond the Blackboard, Finish Inq. 21 ?s, turn them in, print them out and cut them apart (Be sure to bring them next week to class!)

Week of Aug. 19-23

  • M/T- Review classroom policies and procedures, B-day Pineapples, Discuss "What is a non-profit?" HW= None

  • W/Th- Read Newsela Article at start of each class (in Google Classroom), discuss, answer ?s. HW= None

  • F-