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Pearson Textbook Link

Students can use this link to login to the Pearson website. An account has already been created for them with a generic passcode. The username is the student's lunch pin.

Username: (lunch pin)
Passcode: p12345

Math XL (Quizzes and Homework)

Use this link to log in and complete quizzes and homework assignments. These assignments can be repeated as many times as you like until the last week of the quarter. The highest grade will be placed in the book. Be sure to hand work in to me with every attempt.

Username: se(lunch pin)
Password: Student1

Online Class Whiteboard

Click here to access the classroom whiteboard. This will allow you to follow along on your chromebooks while we go over answers.

downloadUse Quicktime to Record Presentation

1:1 Resources May 12 record your powerpoint or keynote presentation and save it as a movie


Photos Feb 3 We were challenged to a game of Breakout at our Chromebook training today. After about 45 minutes of hard work and persistence, our group was able to solve the puzzle. Great Job Team!

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