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1st Quarter Good Citizens
College Simply Website Link that allows students to search information for any college or university.

Learning from Home Mar 24 Interland by Google is a site where kids learn about internet safety through a variety of games and puzzles.

Additional 3rd Grade Learning Resources

Learning from Home Mar 16 In addition to the other items on this page, the district has compiled some grade-level specific learning material for you to access from home. You can access these by clicking the link above.

Prodigy Math

Learning from Home Mar 16 Students have been using the Prodigy Game during math class to help reinforce the content of which we are learning. I have Prodigy set up right now for students to practice their fractions from our

downloadRAZ Kids

Learning from Home Mar 16 Reading A to Z is a great resource for kids to have access to just-right books. Click the attachment above for more instructions on how to sign in. Your child's password is their

Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Gardens

Learning from Home Mar 16 On Facebook, Cincinnati Zoo is going to create a Home Safari Facebook Live each weekday at 3 pm to show students animals and also an activity that you can do at home. I am including a screenshot of

Mystery Science

Learning from Home Mar 16 Mystery Science has a lot of great videos that have both mini-lessons and also activities that you can do at home. Click on the link provided and click on 3rd grade. It will then show you both

Reflex Math

Learning from Home Mar 16 Your child can access Reflex math from home to stay on top of basic fact practice while they are away from school. Additionally, my students also love using a free app called Operation Math that yo

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