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Wednesday, January 22

Daily News 4 days ago Today in science students took their Lesson 4 Test. No homework tonight

Tuesday, January 21

Daily News 5 days ago Today in science we played Jeopardy as a review for tomorrow's test.  Don't forget to study tonight!  

Lesson 4 Notebook Copy

Daily News Jan 17 HERE is the copy of what students notebooks should look like for Lesson 4.  The

Friday, January 17

Daily News Jan 17 Today in science students had a work day.  Students could catch up on anything they've missed (notes, vocabulary, labs and questions, etc) and made sure they are prepared for the notebook

Thursday, January 16

Daily News Jan 17 Today in science we learned the last bit of information before finishing our Lesson 4 chapter.  We talked about tides and how the moon causes tides on Earth.  We did an activity to demons

Wednesday, January 15

Daily News Jan 15 Today in science students did an investigation that showed how the moon moves around in an elliptical orbit on a slightly different plane than Earth.  We used a flashlight to represent the sun

Tuesday, January 14

Daily News Jan 15 Today in science we did a foldable activity for moon phases to show them in 3D.  It really helped students visualize the cycle. Our Lesson 4 test will be next Wednesday.

Monday, January 13

Daily News Jan 13 Today in science students watched a Bill Nye over the Moon and answered questions regarding it.  Additionally, students had a chance to work on the homework due tomorrow.  This is regardi

Wednesday- Friday 1/8- 1/10

Daily News Jan 13 Over these days in science, our schedule was a bit out of normal.  I was out with my sick little guy at home and upon returning Friday was a little bit of a catch up period.  Friday we co

Tuesday, January 7

Daily News Jan 7 Today in science we did notes about the Moon.  We discussed theories of how the Moon formed, what makes it special to us, and some of the features (such as the size, surface, lack of atmospher

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