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October 29, 2015



Friday - NOV. 1st

2:30 p.m. - 6:00 p.m

Bring $5 for Pizza, cookie, and drink


ART CLUB MEETINGS ( Subject to change depending on progress)

October 28th - 6th grade

October 29 - 7th/8th grade

NO ART CLUB OCT. 31st - Halloween

Mega Night - EVERYONE 2:30 - 6:00 p.m  Some of us will be working on our individual spongebobs! Try to attend! 

November 4th -  whoever can attend

November 5th - if needed whoever can attend

November 7th - if needed - whoever can attend

November 8th - if needed - whoever can attend


Certain tasks may be complete so some members may be organizing items for packing into cars for Super Set Up. I could use some parent help esp. on Mega Night. 

NOV 9th - SUPER SET UP at the Orr Building, State Fair Grounds beginning at 9:30 a.m.


We only need about 12 - 15 people. I need some parent chaperones. If you already will be at the festival designing your own displays or volunteering and you bring child they will not count in my final 15 number. I know I am going to need a parent or family member with a drill and bit to drill a hole for some dowel rods. If you can chaperone please email me at rmitchel@sps186.org. as soon as you can.It is still fun as they can walk around and look at the displays being set up. 


HOLIDAY EXTRAVAGANZA CAKE WALK at the Orr building will be December 15th. Donations can be dropped off Friday the 13th of December at LMS. I am asking that all Art Club families donate to the cake walk. When donating make sure that the items are packaged to be transported. Last year we had some cupcakes that we could not use because the plastic tore all the icing off. I also need some parents to solicit some donations of items, gift cards, merchandise from businesses, etc.. The donations do not need to be sweet treats as throughout the day we will have special cake walks for bigger items. I also could use some parent chapreones on Sunday during the event. . 

I will set up a schedule for workers on that day. We will need 3-4 members per session.  

I also will be asking a couple members to come on Saturday to help set tup the area. 

Donated items can be dropped off at LMS on Friday Dec.13th or at the Orr building on Saturday the 14th. I will get you the times as soon as I find out!

If you have a company donation over $50 please let me know ASAP! These companies will get special recognition throughout the day at the event.