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Thursday, March 26

News 6 days ago Good afternoon!  I hope you are all well.  I saw some of you on a Zoom meeting this morning....

Wednesday, March 25

News 7 days ago Good morning! I hope that you are all well.  I will be meeting with some students this afternoon on Zoom....

Tuesday, March 24

News Mar 24 Good afternoon!  I hope you are all well.  So far, my family and I are fine....

Monday, March 23

News Mar 23 Good afternoon and Happy Monday!  I posted a video in Google Classroom.  (The file was too big to attach here.)  Please watch.  Respond if you would like.  I hope that everyone is well.  I was so lazy last week, that I

Friday, March 20

News Mar 20 Good evening, everyone!  I hope you are all well.  We made it through our first week off of school....

Thursday, March 19

News Mar 19 Pre-Algebra:  I have not posted anything new on Google Classroom.  You have an assignment due tonight and one due tomorrow night.   U.S. History: There are 2 new assignments on Google Classroom.  The first one is a Qui

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