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Tuesday, December 10

Yesterday Pre-Algebra: U.S. History:

Monday, December 9

2 days ago Pre-Algebra:  Students turned in the winter graph that is due today.  If a student lost their graph, they can get another one, but it will count as a late grade.  We finished Lesson 4-3, Using Linear Models to Make Predictions.  The homework is pages 227-228 (#6-9, 11 and 12).   U.S. History:  We started class with a very short video from Studies Weekly called, Manifest Destiny.

Friday, December 6

4 days ago Pre-Algebra: 2nd hour turned in their homework for Lesson 4-2.  (7th hour turned it in yesterday.) . We started Lesson 4-3, Using Linear Models to Make Predictions. Students read the Solve & Discuss It!  Then we went over it and the Focus at the bottom of page 223.  We read over Example 1 and went through the steps.  Next, we watched the video for Example 1.  The students completed the Try It! at the bottom of page 224, then they put their workbooks away. READ MORE

Thursday, December 5

6 days ago Pre-Algebra:  2nd Hour went to Mrs. Vanderslik's room to listen to members of the Superintendents Round Table.  These high school students presented information to the 8th graders and answered their questions. There is no homework. U.S. History:  Students continued working on their Lewis and Clark newscast.  The script is due on Friday.  

Wednesday, December 4

6 days ago Pre-Algebra:  We started class by going over the homework for Lesson 4-1.  Some students had questions, so we took about 5 minutes to answer them.  The homework was collected.  We covered Lesson 4-2, Analyze Linear Functions.  Students did the Solve & Discuss It! on their own then we went over it.  We proceeded to go over Examples 1, 2, and 3 and the Try Its!  The homework is pages 215-216 (#6-10, and 12-14). U.S. READ MORE

Tuesday, December 3

Dec 2, 2019 Pre-Algebra:  Today we covered Lesson 4-1, Construct and Interpret Scatter Plots.  Students learned how to determine if the points have a positive association, a negative association, or no association.  They also learned how to determine the scales for the x-and y-axis based on the data.  The homework is pages 215-216 (#6-8, 10, and 11). U.S. History:  Today we watch the Flocabulary video for Sacagawea. READ MORE

Monday, December 2

Dec 2, 2019 Pre-Algebra:  Any students who were absent last Tuesday and/or Wednesday needed time to finish their test for Topic 3.  Those same students need to make sure that they turn in the homework assignments that they missed, as well.  Fluency Practice for Topic 4 was due today.  Any students who had finished the test and their homework started Lesson 4-1:  Construct and Interpret Scatter Plots.  There is no homework.   U.S. READ MORE

Thursday, November 28

Nov 27, 2019 Happy Thanksgiving!

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